An Ode to Simplicity 

By Veronica Iannuzzi

Betina Lou’s fall collection calls for minimalist silhouettes, neutral colours, and androgynous tones for a fashion-forward season. 

Montreal arguably had one of its more beautiful and spectacular summers. But as the temperature drops and the days get shorter, fashion-lovers everywhere are excited about one very important thing – our fall closet. We relish those few months when the weather is perfect and snow is (thankfully) non-existent. Now is the time to research trends and update our wardrobe before the leaves begin to turn. One excellent place to build-up our fall closet is with Betina Lou’s new collection.

Betina Lou is a charming Montreal boutique that offers timeless clothing that make a chic yet understated statement. In addition to their note-worthy pieces, they also take pride in creating clothes that are eco-friendly. They use quality materials and they design and cut their clothing here in Montreal. Their new collection is everything we hope for in a fall wardrobe. They stress neutral colours like greys and blacks, but they also have striking shades of red which pay homage to the romantic and whimsical season that is fall. To complement their lovely colour palette, Betina Lou decorates some of their pieces in classic geometric prints and patterns. The bold finish plays off nicely with some of the other minimalist pieces in their collection.

Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine

In regards to the minimalism that Betina Lou emulates, the effect is wonderful and as a result the styles are timeless. They’ve created silhouettes like straight cut mini-skirts, flared dresses and striking tunic shirts. The pieces are fantastic in their simplicity and they contour a woman’s figure beautifully. In addition to the understated tones of the pieces, Betina Lou also crafted their collection in cotton and tencel fibres which lend a cozy feel that we want from a fall wardrobe. The fabrics are easy to wear and they carry well from day to night.

One final note about this collection is the arguably androgynous tone that is seen throughout the pieces. Items like their short-sleeved tops or their shirt dresses feel very menswear-inspired. In today’s fashion the lines are blurred in regards to gender norms and dress codes, and Betina Lou has incorporated that feeling in their fall collection. Following that idea, these looks are then finished off with on-trend sneakers designed with large statement-making platforms. And also, the more feminine pieces in their collection are sometimes paired with shiny androgynous-looking loafers.

Fall is beautiful time not just in Montreal but all over the world. The landscape is stunning and (most) of the population wants a wardrobe to complement the beauty of the season. We relish the task of putting away our summer favourites and unearthing the fall staples that we can’t wait to bring to life again. Betina Lou’s collection gives people an opportunity to add to their closet, while also investing in some fantastic pieces that make a long-lasting statement.

Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine Betina Lou pictures for Flanelle Magazine