It used to just be Kim Kardashian on the red carpet who had eyelash extensions. Now they’re becoming an everyday trend for modern-day women. What does this mean for all the lash artists out there? Not only will you be expected to keep up with top quality skills from lash training classes, but the application will be expected to last longer and withstand the grind of your clients’ daily beauty regimen.

Just like we use face cleanser after removing makeup, or moisturizer post eyebrow wax, after-care for lash extensions makes them look healthier and keeps them in tact until the next appointment. Check out these quick tips about how your clients can give their lashes the royal treatment, for longer.

1. Recommend a Lash Pillow

Cotton pillowcases can be detrimental to your overall beauty. Not only can they draw moisture from your skin and promote lines and wrinkles, but they also can be damaging to any hair on your body. Cotton surfaces cause a lot of friction when you’re moving around in your sleep and pressing your face into your pillow, and therefore can lead to your eyelashes breaking off or damaging. Recommend silk or satin pillows instead, as this is much softer on the lashes, gliding through them rather than rubbing against them and causing them to loosen or fall off.

2. Offer After-Care Kits

While it is recommended for clients’ to come in roughly every three weeks for a touch up on their lashes, there are a few things they can do at home to make them last longer. Why not help them out by offering after-care kits that they can take home with them?

Include a few different products they can use on a daily basis to avoid breakage and enhance their look. A spoolie wand is a great addition to the kit. Clients can use this after a shower to comb their lashes back into place and avoid any criss-crossing that could lead to breakage. While many think that keeping the lashes dry will help them, lubricating them can actually make them last longer, so try including some baby oil in the kit that they can apply before their makeup.

Speaking of makeup, cotton make-up removers can be a leading cause of lashes falling off due to the friction. Instead, include cleansing wipes in the after-care kit, as they are gentle on the lashes and won’t cause them to loosen.

3. Provide Beauty Sleep Masks

Last extensions are the most vulnerable when sleeping, as you never know if you’re crushing them when putting your head into the pillow, or a movement in your sleep will cause damage. To avoid any problems overnight, recommend a beauty sleep mask especially designed to protect eyelashes. The difference between these and regular sleep masks, is that they are designed in a dome shape so that the mask protects your lashes, while also avoiding them being crushed from any sudden movement or sleeping positions. The fabric is also usually soft and pressure-free so that it doesn’t irritate your skin or disrupt your sleep.

With eyelash extensions becoming more popular and clients often using them on an everyday basis, it’s important for lash artists to know how to take care and offer your clients the products they need to make them last longer. Take a look at these quick tips, and ensure you’re constantly learning about the new trends and skills in the lash industry.