Beauty fads come and go. In the 1990s, over plucked eyebrows were all the rage, which has meant that many women have had a hard time keeping up with the recent adoration of thick and shaped brows. Mullet shag hair styles that were a big hit in the 70s were primitive mullets, and are the source of great amusement for families as they reminisce over old photographs. However, there are some beauty tips and tricks that withstand the test of time, and must be adhered to for the long haul. Here are 3 beauty considerations for your beauty regime that are definite keepers.

Look after your hair

By eating a healthy diet, the condition of your hair will greatly improve. If you are on a restrictive diet or suffering from stress, you will notice that you can lose hair as the growth cycle is affected. This can be distressing if you lose a lot of your hair’s thickness, but you do have the option of an iGrow laser treatment to stimulate the regrowth. As you get older, you will notice that your hair becomes drier and slightly finer, especially after pregnancy. Therefore, try not to over color your hair and ask the stylist if they will do a top up service for you rather than a full color each visit.

Use a regular treatment to restore the vitality of your locks, and to protect it from the pollutants, wear and tear of modern heating appliances and over styling. Try to have periods of being hair product free. You will be thankful in the long term.

Prepare your skin

Whether you are going out in full makeup, or going to bed, you need to prepare your skin for the next ordeal you are putting it through. Before you apply your make up exfoliate it. Choose an organic, alcohol-free exfoliator to really clear your skin. If you have dry skin, select a product that has a low pH; similarly, for oily or greasy skin, choose a product that has a higher pH.  Wash the skin after you have exfoliated thoroughly and be sure to remove the soapy debris. Before sleep, ensure your face is makeup free: use a natural soap and pat dry.

You are what you eat

The food you consume gives you the fuel to function at your optimum level, not only that, but it gives you the building blocks to the foundation of your beauty. Eat plenty of fish such as sardines and Atlantic mackerel that are full of omega-3 fatty acids to decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation. The omega-3 fatty acids not only reduce your wrinkles but also lessen the potentially harmful impact of omega-6s, which are abundant in red meat and processed foods.

Make sure that your diet is balanced and varied with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, and that you restrict or remove your sugar intake – it increases signs of aging as the sugar increases inflammation and binds to the collagen to give your skin a rough texture. Drinking lots of water is also central to beautiful skin as it flushes out these toxins.