Shadows of mood

Words by Marie Gravel

Marie Gravel’s photographs are seducing us by the mystery and magic that they suggest.

Sometimes floating in an aura of light, sometimes coming straight from a dream, Marie’s photographs express the different moods that animate her.

Well served by her imagination where fiction and reality work together, her sharp eye finds hidden pearls behind people’s eyes and puts together contrasts in a complete harmony.

Marie Gravel is loyal to painting and drawing which are her first expression medium that directed her to study arts.

At a young age, she was inspired by portraits that allowed her to put on the canvas her own color of reality as she would like it to be.

A few years later her studies in photography would come naturally.

Her professional route drives her to be interested in portraits and particularly women for their photogenic and the thousand different expressions of their sensuality.

Photographer : Marie Gravel
Model : France Conea