There are many different self-care techniques that lead to inner and outer beauty as demonstrated by our range of Tips for Feeling More Beautiful Inside & Out. But when it comes to beauty, one key tip we’d like to add is to incorporate natural products into your routine. This doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, as one of the simplest and most effective ingredients may already be hiding in plain sight: Coffee. 

Coffee is many people’s best friend — it gives us that energy we desperately need in the morning and powers us through the day. But it also has beauty benefits that can help with your self-esteem, and here are five of them:

It temporarily reduces cellulite.

Having cellulite is totally normal, but they can make people feel a little self-conscious. It’s completely understandable why people want to get rid of them. If what you’re looking for is a quick fix, that’s where coffee comes in. Added to a homemade scrub, Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa explains that caffeine can firm up the skin as it is gently massaged into it. The act of kneading the target area also boosts blood flow, which can reduce the dimples on the surface. Here, coffee is best paired with ingredients that contain retinoids that help increase collagen production. However, experts make clear that a DIY coffee scrub is only a temporary answer to cellulite — to get rid of it, you’d have to address the root cause.

It aids in weight loss.

Indeed, cellulite is caused by excess fat underneath the skin. Topical treatments, like coffee scrub, only work to reduce the visibility of cellulite for a short amount of time. In contrast, losing weight through exercise and proper nutrition is a long-term solution. Fortunately, drinking coffee is known to aid in weight loss. Its caffeine content can stimulate one’s metabolism, breaking down fat for energy more efficiently. This can be achieved by drinking a regular cup of coffee or caffeine-filed drinks that also combine other ingredients with added health benefits. But be careful not to consume sugary alternatives, and focus on looking for organic and healthy ingredients. Pretty Me’s review of Lean ‘N Green highlights how green coffee beans can be paired with other ingredients such as l-carnitine, green tea, and collagen. Together, these not only convert fat to energy but also reduce cellulite. A cup of Joe every morning can also give you an energy boost to complete your daily workout!

It is filled with antioxidants.

The human body is not immune to free radicals that come from the environment and our lifestyles.Well + Good states that these substances can lead to disease and contribute to early signs of aging. Luckily, coffee is filled with the very stuff that fights free radicals: Antioxidants. By neutralizing toxins, antioxidants reduce inflammation and promote fast healing of wounds and scars. Coffee can then prevent skin irritation or acne, enhance the production of collagen, and firm up fine lines.

It is a gentle exfoliator.

One of the causes of dull-looking skin is the accumulation of dead skin cells. This happens when you don’t exfoliate enough. Coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water and combined with brown sugar and lemon juice, it makes the perfect exfoliating agent. This DIY exfoliant also contains antimicrobial properties that can prevent bacterial build up in your pores. 

It reduces puffiness.

Dark circles and puffy eyes have several causes, such as sleep deprivation, allergies, and water retention. Genetics also play a large part in eye bags. Having these around your eyes can make you look a lot older, which is why many people turn to creams that can reduce dark circles and puffiness. Beauty and wellness writer Talia Abbas notes that many of these products contain caffeine as it constricts blood vessels and “wakes up” tired-looking eyes. Improved blood flow means it can deliver a steadier supply of nutrients to the skin, which then prevents discoloration and instantly brightens the face.


Coffee is a very simple and affordable ingredient and yet it is filled with many benefits for your outer beauty. You can easily have a great coffee every morning once you get some high quality ingredients and a machine from a espresso machines supplier !