Marble prints have been around for centuries; from jewelry and clutches to yoga pants and skirts, you will see them applied to different products. Dating back to Egyptian cultures, the stone itself was used to construct renowned architectural projects such as the Pantheon and Taj Mahal. In recent years, the spotless, snow-white stone has made its way around the world.

While marble’s main prerogative is displaying its captivating features through the kitchen countertops and home floorings, the past years have changed that dramatically. It is no secret that marble is breathtakingly stunning material, which has brought forward an elegant flair and timeless style in the contemporary world. Be it tabletops, accessories, lighting, furniture, or even fashion; the material has made its way to a huge variety of industries.

Nevertheless, when you think of marble, your mind may not wander to all the options that are mentioned above. For instance, thinking of marble textures printed on clothes will not surprise you as much as seeing them on shoes will.

Interestingly, today, there is a wide collection of items available in the market, boasting the marble textures. Some particular products are flying off the shelves swiftly than others; these include yoga pants, skirts, and the jewelry that have marble prints employed on them.

When Marble Prints Become Trendy in the Fashion Industry

Incorporated for the first time in 2013, marble prints surged into popularity within a short span of time. Many fashion designers started applying marble textures to different materials; from fabric and leather to metal and vinyl.

However, the trend spread from fashion niche to a wide variety of industries, including home interior, sportswear, packaging, consumer electronics, dinnerware, and household linen. In fact, the blazing trend made the city of Italy, Carrara more popular than before, as it is home to jaw-dropping marble quarries.

While the Carrara texture is still popular and known to be unique in its own way, fashion designers have also played with some other kinds of stones, granite, and marble, including black Marquina, which you can find here, portoro, terrazzo textures, green marble, and other captivating, colorful stones.

In 2008, Raf Simons, the famous fashion designer, added natural stone texture to the clothing of Jil Sanders, which introduced an innovative concept for fashion designing.

Looks Simple yet Fabulous

You may encounter marble with metallic flecks, which certainly give an extra special touch to the clothing. Pink marble prints have become another trendy choice among the people. However, the pink marble prints blended with gray veining present an inspiring appearance. Not to mention, such dresses are popular for ball and prom parties.  

Particularly, if you talk about formal dressing, the unusual patterns add sophisticated style along with maintaining the simplicity of the dress sense. In other words, people who are looking for something different yet chic should consider adding in their wardrobes the marble-patterned clothing.

Complements Various Accessories

Showcasing unique and captivating texture that is blended within soothing colors, marble prints look amazingly beautiful when applied to clothes and other everyday use accessories like phone cases, shoes, and yoga pants. With versatile aesthetics and unusual colors, marble prints add a fascinating flair into the material.  

Unlike the regular-patterned clothing like the ones boasting leopard textures, you can wear any type of accessory you like with marble-textured dressings. The variety of natural colorways and patterns give you plenty of options to choose from. In fact, wearing the same patterned jewelry will complement your dress style even more.

Looks Great in Black & White, and Multiple Colors

No matter the fabrication, the marble prints in silhouette theme appear more attractive than the other print choices. Not to mention, marble textures make a great choice for formal wear, since they can be incorporated into a variety of style while maintaining the truly stunning appearance of the clothing.

The black and white marble prints make the clothing and other materials appear more elegant and classic. This is the reason you probably have seen a unique collection of formal dresses in the market recently that have marble prints employed on them. Whether it is an elegant maxi dress or strappy sundress, marble prints make every style a flattering one with its unique texture.

Perfectly Goes with Every Dress Style

Believe it or not, marble patterns are not limited to clothing; this trend has gone beyond your imaginations! At present, you can make a very good collection of wearables, boasting marble textures.

When employed to pleating, mixed Medias, and other busy styles, the colored marble prints look excellently beautiful. On the other, the black marble combined with white veining makes a great choice for clothing, particularly for satin and silk gowns. Such colored marble textures make the clothing appear more elegant.

Suitable for both Men and Women

What makes the marble patterns standout is the print is not gender-specified like floral designs. Instead, you will find a variety of marble-patterned products for male as well. These usually include shirts, pants, shoes, and even wallets. For women, the variety goes beyond; from jewelry and wristwatches to scarves and boots, it’s everywhere!

When it comes to business attire, skirts have long been the first choice of working ladies. However, over the past few years, the design patterns of the skirts have shifted; they no longer come with solid colors. Rather, the designers have been picking up the patterns and textures with extra oomph- we are talking about the marble patterns. Whether you pair it with black boots or wear it with a black shirt, you are all ready to showcase a perfect business look!

The Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, marble prints were first added into the clothing. But today, you will find them everywhere in fashion products. Be it shoes or caps; marble prints have made their way to a wide range of items. For more trends, you can check out Fashion Adict.

However, when it comes to its employment on the clothing, you will agree that marble texture works really well on clothing. To put it in a nutshell, marble patterns are becoming a popular choice for many fashion designers today. Moreover, it seems like this ”marbleous trend’ will remain for a long time in the industry due to its unique flair.