“Beauty is only skin deep” – you probably heard this aphorism over and over again. If you take them figuratively, these words speak nothing but the truth. But if you consider the literal meaning of this affirmation, you’ll see that its inaccuracy goes far below the depth of the skin.

If your eyes are the window to your soul, your skin is the mirror of your health. Countless health conditions are reflected by various changes of the skin: rashes, discoloration, or changes in the skin’s hardness or dryness can signal health conditions ranging from autoimmune diseases to diabetes. But this works both ways: keeping your body healthy will help your skin stay healthy, too. And the things you need to do to keep yourself in good shape are not as hard as they seem.

Sleep enough

If you haven’t had enough of clichés, here’s another one for you: beauty sleep. It’s called that for a reason: getting enough sleep will not only rest your body and mind but will help your skin repair itself and recover from everyday stress faster and more efficiently.

If you don’t sleep enough, your body will be subjected to extra stress – and this can cause breakouts, rashes, and contribute to other skin conditions.

Drink enough

All the moisturizing cream in the world is worth nothing if you don’t moisturize from the inside. Drinking enough water will not only keep you healthy but also improve your complexion and help you combat conditions like psoriasis and eczemas.

Eat healthily

Among the tips to help you live longer, eating healthy is always in the top spot. A healthy diet will improve your overall health – and this will show on your skin, too. Experts say that a balanced diet that covers all the nutrients your body needs will help your skin look its best – and cutting back on sugar also helps.

Break bad habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol beyond a moderate level are two things that can do a lot of harm to your skin.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body – including your skin – and, when done without moderation, can deprive the skin of important nutrients and vitamins. Plus, alcohol will cause your face to look bloated – you don’t want that.

Smoking does a number on your lungs, your circulatory system, and your skin. There are several studies showing that, aside from its many harmful effects, smoking also causes wrinkles and makes your skin look older by depleting it of oxygen (nicotine has been shown to constrict the blood vessels in the skin) and lose its elasticity.

Keep stress at bay

Finally, a useful tip for your everyday life that will also help your skin: destress. Stress causes a series of health issues ranging from circulatory issues to jaw clenching and will increase the production of some hormones that turn the skin oily, not to mention the weakening of the immune system, possibly contributing to the appearance of acne.

Keeping stress at bay will not only make you happier and healthier but will also help your skin stay beautiful.