Whether you have a large collection of furs or you just purchased your first one, any fur coat is an important investment. Aside from the financial cost of a quality fur coat, any fur owner will tell you that they have an intense affection for their fur that goes well beyond any material investment.This is why storing your fur properly is so crucial. Fur coats are usually reserved for formal, black-tie events or rare special occasions. Very few people wear one fur coat more frequently than two or three times a year, and that means that these important investments spend most of their existence in storage.

If you can afford it and feel that it is worth the trouble, professional cold storage is almost always the safest option. However, some people do not have easy access to professional furriers or are unwilling to spend additional money for the cost of storage in a fur vault. Whatever the reason, storing your fur at home is an acceptable option if it is done properly.

But storing a quality expensive fur coat is not like putting away the rest of your winter clothes in a box in the attic. Furs are delicate items that can easily be damaged or even ruined if not cared for properly. The following tips are designed to help you store your fur coat at home and ensure that it stays as soft, shiny and elegant as the day you first bought it.

1.Choose the right storage location

Furs should be kept in a cool, dark, dry location. The closet in your bedroom can be an option as long as it is not directly across from a window that allows in sunlight, and the room remains cold and dry. It should also not be stuffed into a full closet, as furs need room to breathe and crowding can cause damage. Ideally, a fur should be kept in a location at a temperature below 55 degrees and below 45 percent humidity. Basements can be dangerous since they can be very humid. Wine cellars and attics usually work well as long as they remain dry, dark and cool.

2. Choose the right hanger

It may seem insignificant, but the hanger you use for your fur coat is important. Furs should always be hung on broad-shouldered hangers that can evenly support the weight of the coat. You can buy special fur hangers that are broad and padded from a furrier or department store.

3. Choose the right storage bag

Plastic dry-cleaning bags should not be used, as they cut off airflow and can dry furs out. A cloth bag will keep your fur coat dry, clean and safe. Fur cleaning bags are made of breathable material and can be purchased at Macy’s and local furriers.

4. Avoid cedar and mothballs

Do not store your fur in a cedar closet or chest and never use mothballs in fur storage. Both will absorb and attract moisture which will damage your fur, and both have strong smells that will stick with your coat.

5. Keep your coat clean

Even with perfect storage, your coat can still get dusty and dirty. Fur cleaning services from William H. Harris Furs or other major furriers should be used regularly. Always go with these types of specialized fur cleaners, since they have special equipment and expertise that regular dry cleaners do not.

6. Don’t let it waste away

The entire reason for owning a fur is so it can be worn, so don’t let a beautiful fur coat waste away in storage. Take it out of storage, add it to your elegant gown and show off your lovely fur coat every chance you get!