As we age, when we look in the mirror, some of us obsess about each spot and each line that appears on our face and skin. When we see more lines or even spots on the skin, some of us go for wrinkle filling injection, laser treatments or even a facelift. It is obvious that we would like to look younger as we age; we want to look more attractive and also more energetic, and the most common ways to achieve this is by surgical procedures; but what if we don’t want to go under the knife? We are going to look at some of the ways in which you can look younger without any surgery.


  1. Protect your skin


Healthy skin will always make you look younger. The tips we are going to look at will help your skin look much better respective of your age. Good skin care will always pay off as you age. Some of the tips to follow include:


  • Always wear sunscreen outside at all times.
  • Avoid unnecessary outdoor times between 10am and 4pm.
  • Before you get to bed, always wash off your makeup.
  • If you have acne, avoid popping them, always use acne cream and acne medication.
  • Wash your pillowcase on a weekly basis.
  • Use moisturizer to hydrate your skin and drink enough water every day. You can also use serums for your skin such as Stemnucell which has amazing reviews from customers.
  • Before going to bed, use a prescribed retinol cream to prevent and treat the wrinkles on your face. Retinol in the cream is designed to alter the anatomy of the skin to reverse the aging process.
  • Be careful about how you treat the skin that surrounds your eyes.


2. Sleep enough


If you start sleeping for fewer hours, you will easily look older. Lack of enough sleep makes your eyes to look red, swollen and puffy. You can develop dark circular patches around your eyes due to lack of sleep. Always sleep for approximately eight hours each night. Try the following idea before getting to bed:


  • Turn down your thermostat.
  • Switch your Tv off for an hour before getting to bed.
  • Avoid exercising at least three hours before bedtime.
  • If there are noises around your neighborhood that keep you awake, use a white noise machine or a fan to drown the noises.
  • Pick a good sleep mask if your room is not dark enough.


3. Restore lost volume


When our cheeks sink, our lips get thinner, our creases deepen, and our faces lose the shape we used to have as we age. When we get to our thirties, we start to lose muscles, fat and the bone in our faces as we progress onwards. But dermal fillers can easily correct this. Dermal fillers come in different types; there are those that last 6 months and there are those that last up to 5 years.


4. Change your makeup routine


If you are used to wearing heavy makeup, some makeup traces can settle in the creases and lines on your face and make the lines look noticeable. Instead of letting this happen, reduce the makeup you wear and aim for a more natural look all the time. If you wear lipstick, use lighter lipstick and avoid using dark eyeshadow all the time. Use a concealer or a highlighter close to the corner of the eyes.


Other procedure that you can undergo to achieve youthful looks without going under the knife


5. A different way to lift cheekbones without undergoing a surgery


Gravity is one of the factors of our aging process. To ensure that you rejuvenate the cheekbone area, your doctor can use a hyaluronic acid based filler like the Restylane Lyft or kybella to bring back the cheekbones into balance and make them proportional to your face, resulting to a face that is lifted. This process is an option for people because as we age, the support structures of our cheekbones shrink. These products are FDA approved to ensure that your cheekbones are in full volume without the need of a surgical procedure.


6. Alternatives to eye lift surgery


When we frown and burrow our eyebrows, gravity takes advantage of this and pulls the muscles of the eyebrows down. To counter this, you can use botox which relaxes the muscles of your face and lifts the eye muscles in that region; this is the ideal treatment for crow’s feet. In this procedure, ultrasound and radio frequencies are used to contract the collagen fibers to help tighten the droopy eyelid and open up the eyes much more without any surgery.


7. Ways to make the lips look more youthful


As we grow older, lines start developing around our mouth for a variety of reasons. Sipping a lot of drinks from a straw, smoking, sucking a sports water bottle and puckering the lips are some of the reasons that cause wrinkles to form around the mouth.


To counter this, fat injections, laser resurfacing and fillers work to reduce the wrinkles, together with chemical peels that work with microdermabrasion. Restylane Silk and voluma are some of the products used to fill in the wrinkle lines that are seen around our lips.


8. Facial electrical stimulation


In electrostimulation, micro-currents are used to tighten the facial muscles. The tough part about this process comes when the doctor wants to move all your facial muscles as one. This process needs to be done with professionals because it is easy to work with facial muscles that you don’t want to strengthen.


Alternatively, thermage which works with the help of radiofrequency energy to heat the internal skin layers works to rejuvenate the skin.


9. Different ways to make the arms look younger


As we age, the hand’s volume reduce over time, making the tendons and veins appear more common, and wrinkles and brown spots also become common from chronic sun exposure. To make your arms look younger, lasers, fat injections, and topical retinoid are the treatments that can be used. Additionally, intense pulse light can be used to even out the color of the skin and improve the production of collagen. The doctor can also use Sculptra, Kybella, Radiesse Restylane Lyft or other products to replace lost volume.


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