Interview by Ruby-Maude Rioux in our April #03 Issue.


Even if we would not dare to admit it, there is always a couple we would want to be. Recently photographed, kissing for the Gap holiday campaign, we can no longer deny that Diana Garcia and Gregory Roggove are one of them. The 31 years old Mexican started her career as an actress, appearing in the Sundance Festival’s Dramatic Directing Award winning movie Sin Nombre but went for visual arts when she moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend. As for Roggove, best known for his performance in the indie band Megapuss, the musician has been recently acclaimed by the critics for his work in Piana, an album of instrumental, solo piano pieces.

« I have been drawing since I was a kid. My grandmother was a painter and a sculptor so I was very close to the arts », explains softly Diana Garcia, sliding her black, wavy hair behind her ear. « Also, at some point in college, I was doing animation and I really wanted to work for Tim Burton, that was my goal. »

Photos by : Marianna Garcia






Two years after having came back to visual arts, Garcia has already manage to create her own style, using mostly black ink. « I feel human body is beautiful and I try to bring some movement to it so, I have these weird interlace figures. Also, I am doing a lot of animal mixing when using different animal shapes and putting them into one. I like it to be surreal and fantastic. » Faceless nudes, wolves with horns: Diana’s imaginary has a rich and meaningful vision with living metaphors.

For now, Diana is just enjoying the fact that she can live on her passions, saying she only does things that contributes to her happiness. « In my twenties, I didn’t know what I wanted. The thirties gave my consciousness and more control. I use to have things done my way but I have learned that maybe things are better if they are not always my way and that, maybe I am learning. So, I learned to stop and listen and to be open. »




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