About Matu

Founded in 2014, Matu is a brand focused on making utilitarian veg tanned leather accessories. We create and produce everything in our atelier, which is based in Montréal. All designs from Marie-Anne Miljours are useful, timeless and are thought to be essential on a day-to-day journey.

Every piece is made in a “slow made” philosophy. “Slow made” is part of the slow movement that encourages designers to take their time to create. In order to make our creations more traditional, we finish our products by hand with great care.

Quality over quantity is her watchword. This is why we choose to use vegetable tanned leather free of chemical products.

Matu products are eco-friendly and are made with vegetable tanned leather. It is a strong material with which we can make durable goods. The color of vegetable tanned leather will naturally age through the years and eventually become a stunning dark caramel color. The accessory is marked with its owner’s history.