About Ace&Jig

ace&jig began in 2009, when designers jenna wilson and cary vaughan set out to create seasonless womenswear from their own textile designs. we design all of our textiles in house, and partner with weaving experts in india to create each woven fabric. our textiles are meant to be heartfelt, kept and treasured for many years, and we have been lucky enough to have a community of like-minded women spring up out of enthusiasm for our designs. ace&jig is an ode to our love of textiles and the woven medium, and while our colors and silhouettes shift, each collection is anchored by the stripe. we believe stripes, whether created by alternating textures or through pops of saturated color, are an iconic and timeless medium, and an endless source for reinvention.

Website – www.aceandjig.com
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/aceandjig/
Press Contact – press@aceandjig.com