When it comes to support local brands no need to think twice. Recently, I got the chance to assist at the launch of Les Enfants Sauvages and I didn’t resist of getting a new piece for my summer wardrobe. This emerging brand stands out by the interesting mix of fabrics. You may have guessed that the designer, Marie-Christine, has been inspired by african patterns. As an anthropology student, she developed an interest into african culture. Recently, she went to Burkina Faso to develop a project and to also get some inspiration. It is now six years since the designer decided to incorporate those fabrics to her very own designs. Tired of seeing plain dress with no personality in multiple stores,  she had the right intuition by adding colors to her feminine cuts.


I don’t know about you but when it comes to summer clothes, more colorful it is, the better. Especially when the clothes are made of natural fabrics. It is more comfortable than any other material.  As you can see, the Summer Collection has been inspired by her passion for travel. All the beautiful patterns come from Ghana, Niger and Ivory Coast and they reflect her vision of combining tradition with modernity.


How cool is it to be transport into a new culture only by seeing clothes?



Text by Sonia Staali
Photos : Sarah-Ève Leduc