In an era where everything is becoming digital, it ain’t surprising that art is already a step in advance. You code it. It makes itself up. Generative Art is difficult to define. It is an online, interactive form of art while still being a digital artwork. For myself, I simply call it awesome.

For FlanelleMag’s geeks (and those other curious ones), here are my favourite sketches from open processing(.org), a website where Java programmers working on processing display their best creations.





I particularly love the softness of this one.



I just love the movements of this colourful liquid.

This one isn’t interactive. It generates different shapes with different colours. It is still great thought.

This one is one of my favourites! I’m a sucker for furballs !


This one auto-generate a growing pink bubble. I personally love the colours


I just love the face and the stamp-like effect !


P.S. You need to install java script on your computers to see the sketches.

P.P.S. Look at the instructions under the name of the creations, they will indicate how you can interact with the creations.