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Interview with Chris Boscia.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Chris Boscia, I’m originally from Pennsylvania, grew up in Bel Air, Maryland, and currently live in Orlando, Florida. I have been drawing and painting for mostly all of my life now, and have come to terms with the fact that art is my passion. I’m here to inspire as well as to be inspired. However, making a career out of fine art can be a difficult task, especially with today’s economy. So I decided to further pursue my love of art into the digital era, which has directed me into a bachelor’s degree program in Digital Arts and Design at Full Sail University. It was then that I fell deeper in love with art and all things design.

What are your goals?

My life’s goal is to inspire at least one person a day. The way I look at it is like this, people try to be heroes by doing one outstanding thing in their life and then they’re done. Yet I think that by inspiring or helping at least one person a day could bring positivity back into this world a whole lot faster than one moment.

Where does your creativeness come from?

My life is filled with little fascinations … clouds … trees … smells … and other such various novelties in life that many people might not recognize or notice on a daily basis.  I love venturing outside the box, outside conventional design, and definitely outside what is considered normal or basic design.  As technology advances and things constantly change I believe it is essential to any artist to master as many techniques and types of media as they can to keep up with the times and to add variety to their work.  Space is another huge facet of my inspirations.  My dad is a mechanical engineer at a company called Alcore who works with other companies such as BMW, NASA, and Boeing, which has also held a deep spot in my heart and mind throughout my life.  Just hearing about some of the work that he has done and the projects that he has worked on really help push the limits of my imagination even farther than I could’ve imagined.  I also hope to travel the world someday, even though I did get the amazing opportunity to visit my aunt in Europe when I was younger.  It was a huge culture shock to me at the time, but has always remained engrained into my memory.  I got to see parts of Germany, Austria, and part of Northern Italy.  The beauty of the mountains was unlike anything that I’d ever seen before and it also brought me back to my child-hood.  I grew up on a mountain for the most part.  Until I was 5 years old my dad built a house on the side of a mountain in Pennsylvania, where I lived.  I still remember looking out at the valley below and staring at the hawk that would fly by at eye level with me in such an amused fascination … but that’s me in a nut shell.

Chris Boscia
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