Lindsey Lee is a lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Austin, Texas. She has been commissioned for magazines, boutiques, internet shops, and out-of-state stores. Her clients range from clothing designers to creative companies to retail and online stores alike. As a lifestyle and fashion photographer, she chooses to shoot vibrant young culture fantasies.


How did it [photography] all start? Did you first shoot with digital or film?

I started by shooting with film and disposables, and then I purchased a digital SLR once my interest in fashion photography grew from pure curiosity to more legitimate.  Shooting with digital can be more practical for shoots with multiple models, as it is disheartening when you get negatives back and someone is blinking.  It [film] can ruin a shot or even an entire series if back-up photos weren’t taken.

What do you like about shooting with film?

Film is risky, and I enjoy taking risks.  When I use film there are butterflies in my stomach throughout the entire shoot; up until I have the negatives in my hands. 

How do you prepare the day before a shooting ? How do you prepare an hour before a shooting ?

It depends on whether the shoot is commissioned or for a personal project.  To prepare for personal projects I construct a story, scout locations, test lighting, consider posing, and inspire the model(s).  Typically I have a written guide to my shoot—with the order that each look will be shot, what poses I want for each look, and what the styling/makeup is.  An hour before shooting I usually review my inspiration images, round up the memory cards or film, and make sure my camera and extra batteries are charged.


What do you like to photograph most?

I mostly like to photograph young women, although sometimes dudes too.  When I shoot, I intend to capture something that you wouldn’t necessarily ever be able to “see” in real life.  I’ve experimented with stop motion, and I also do quite a bit of videography, so, at times, reality occurs for me moment by moment and I love being able to capture and seize that exact moment.

Do you prefer the lifestyle side, or fashion side? and why ?

It’s incredibly hard to pick because I find that fashion is a huge factor of inspiration in my work.  I tend to find photos without interesting outfits underdeveloped.  With that being said, simplicity is truly something I value in my, and others, work.  So really, at the end of the day, I would have to pick lifestyle.  It’s about illustrating a way of life and giving your audience the opportunity to join the party.

What are your favorite hobbies besides taking photographs?

I like to hang out with my Shar Pei and Netherland Dwarf rabbit and run marathons.  For money I opened an online store Lunar Kingdom that carries a lot of local brands from Austin, Texas.  Oh and I also run a blog called Bullshit Before Breakfast.

Do you read? Your favorite book? Your favorite quote? ( Maybe a your favorite quote from someone known)?

I like to read quite a bit.  My degree is in Writing and Rhetoric so I quite enjoy well composed diction.  Recently a quote I’ve been fond of has been “Only the mediocre are always at their best.”  To me, it illustrates this idea of being okay with failure and dissatisfaction, and realizing that those times are only a sign of greater consciousness for self-improvement.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Petra Collins and Tavi Gevinson of Rookie are some pretty badass chicks.  I’d love to collaborate on a project with them because they are serious about art, feminism, and making a difference in the world, but they are seem like they know how to have a good time while doing it.

Tell us a little more about your film project A Minute And A Half With.

A Minute and a Half With is a video project dedicated to letting you get to know someone in their natural element in just a minute and a half.  I started doing it a couple years ago and I try to shoot with a new person every couple of months.

In another interview, you say you secretly want to be an astronaut.

This is true.  I have said this.  The truth is that I could never do what astronauts do—dedicate their lives to the advancement of modern space exploration.  I admire astronauts so much and only dream of a Lindsey that could launch herself to outer space.

Your goal(s) for the next year?

I’m beginning a new collective with a great friend of mine so one of my goals is to do 7 projects this year with her.  Another one of my goals is to figure out exactly what I want to do in the world—I have a pretty good idea—but this year, I want results.