2014 was a great year for fashion short films. We laughed awkwardly as we watched “First Kiss”, we were amazed by FKA twigs dance moves in “#throughglass”, we mimicked Lena Dunham’s “Cover Girl” choreography in our PJs – OK maybe that’s just me – and we melted to the sound of Marion Cotillard’s voice in “Enter The Game”.

Here is a selection of beautiful short films that graced our Facebook feed this past year.

By Elisabeth Labelle

“RHIÉ 2014 – The Purgatory of Monotony” by Ace Norton


Winner of the “Best Fashion Film of 2014” at the Berlin fashion Film Festival, this commercial for RHIÉ is a must. The adorable brunette Sonja Kinski is perfect in this lonely girl role and the Fall/Winter collection looks great in this spectacular mansion. The sharp editing, the over-the-top music and Kinski’s narration will surely make you smile.

“Linda Hopp” by Albert Moya

Along with the documentary “Advanced Style” and the American Apparel lingerie ad featuring Jacky O’Shaughnessy, this portrait of 66-year-old Linda Rodin demonstrates the beauty of aging. This former-stylist – and fashion icon of mine – talks about her youth and sense of style in a charming outdoor setting.

“Crème Caramel” by Canada

This short film might not be strictly fashion related, but we found the sweet aesthetic inspiring nonetheless. The Barcelona collective captures the male view of a female body as something deliciously beautiful like a crème caramel. The song “La Femme Ressort” by La Femme adds to the sugary atmosphere of the clip.

“Paris, 2014 – Saint Laurent” by Paul Franco and Emmanuel Giraud

The duo premiered this short film on Purple Magazine back in January. However, we’re still obsessing over the brilliant storytelling rendered by models Anja Konstantinova and Sylvester Henricksen Ulv. The looks, the music, the tattoos, the cigarettes and even the black and white effect truly reflect Hedi Slimane’s view of the new Saint Laurent.

“Mine” by Tell No One

Luke White and Remi Weekes shot this amazing video with a troupe of contemporary dancers from London. Beyond the choreography, we are impressed by the interactivity of the motion-touch short featuring clothes from Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Maison Martin Margiela and Bottega Veneta.

“Daisy Dream for Marc Jacobs” by Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs being great friends, it came to no surprise when the designer chose her to direct Daisy Dream’s TV ad. Starring model Antonia Wesseloh in the Bavarian countryside, the dreamy short film reminds us of Coppola’s first movie “The Virgin Suicides”.

“Cover Girl” by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman

To promote Lena Dunham’s first Vogue cover shoot, Joost and Schulman made this funny short featuring the magazine’s International Editor at Large Hamish Bowles. We love the use of older Vogue issues and iconic poses to prepare the modelling rookie.

“First Kiss” by Tatia Pilieva

We all fell for it. With more than 96 million views on YouTube, “First Kiss” is probably one of the most popular videos of 2014. Sweet, awkward and oftentimes funny, this short film for the LA-based label Wren still makes us smile.

“#throughglass” by FKA twigs

With the Google Glass controversy and the Apple Watch announcement, 2014 was the year of wearable technology. It was also the year of FKA twigs who launched her first LP in August. In this video for Google, she demonstrates the usability of the high-tech glasses while dancing on her hit “Video Girl”.

“Enter The Game” by Marion Cotillard and Elliot Bliss

Is there something this woman can’t do? Marion Cotillard seduces us once again with this short film in collaboration with Dior and i-D. Not only did she write and direct the clip with Elliot Bliss, but she’s also the voice behind the track “Snapshot in LA”. We love the choreography, the visual effects… and did we mention her gorgeous long legs?!


“#OnSet – Being a Cinematographer Parody” by Adam Khamis

Now, this might not be fashion short film, but it’s one of the funniest things we saw in 2014! Plus, there’s a cinematographer involved in most of the clips above… Enjoy this wonderful parody of the EFTI’s “Being a Cinematographer” video and start 2015 with a laugh!

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Happy New Year!