Girls like to borrow things. We’ve all experienced once, the fun of trading clothes between friends. Sometimes, for the non-lucky of us, it occurred that we’ve never seen them back. Still, this concept seemed to have interested some designers. Particularly after seeing some couples on the street, observing girls wearing their boyfriend’s clothes. It seems that girls don’t just borrow clothes from their friends, they also do it to their beloved. Anyhow, designers decided to rethink their approach and incorporate masculine touch in their collection.

Especially this fall, on the runway, there are clearly pieces that are borrowed from men. We think of Jil Sander, Alexander Wang who decide to add some masculinity into woman wardrobe. This trend is by far the most easy to incorporate in our everyday life. We talk here of little touches here and there to still look attractive and not too androgyne. If you think you can master a whole look from head to toe and still looking fierce, then go for it. Embrace it.

By Sonia Staali







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