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SUNO is the brainchild of Max Osterweis, the founder, and Erin Beatty, the designer.  Together, they launched a unique brand of womenswear in 2009, with the goal of marrying innovative cut and design, comfortable material and aesthetic prints (they use vintage Kenyan textiles!) into their designs.  SUNO has recently gained popularity, as more and more celebrities don their easy to wear pieces, such as Blake Lively and Kate Bosworth.  One can never go wrong with a SUNO piece; elegant in its simplistic cuts, and eclectic in its unique patterns.

Resort ’14





The 2014 Resort Wear collection contains a myriad of patterned pieces; not unlike their past collections.  The styling of the collection is ingenious, as the socked heels compliment their intricate dress counterparts, especially with a midi dress (3).  Look 1 features a short dress with an exaggerated peplum that adds an irregular twist to a normal skirt hemline.  Its pattern is a mix of French rococo detailing and bold stripes; an unexpected but flawless combination.  The second and third look both feature a dark backdrop to a gradual cluster of white pattern.  Even though their designs are different (one’s a shift dress and the other a midi), both cuts flatter a woman’s shape.  The leather gloves used in look number add a bit of an edge to an otherwise elegant dress.  This collection is ultimately geared to women who wish to look sophisticated with beautiful cut and fabric, yet who also wish to add an element of the unexpected through eclectic prints and colours.

Fall ’13





The fall 2013’s colour palette is dark, with accents of gold and silver detailing.  This creates an edgier look than the Resort collection, and the accents nod towards luxury.  Look 1 features bare midriff, which could look too revealing in some cases, yet the volume of the skirt off-sets it and gives polish to the outfit.  Look 2 is a more classic look: tailored pants and a basic shirt.  Yet the outfit’s twist lies in its pattern, such as the intricate one on the shirt.  Look 3 depicts a voluminous long sleeve dress, with a pattern that is reminiscent of frost or ice.  This look is not for the shy or cautious, as it is a big dress with a big pattern.  Look 4 is a more subdued dress, with a fitted bottom and large open sleeves, creating a chic reverse-triangle shape.  What appears to be beading at the front of the dress ads interest to an otherwise monochrome piece.

Other looks (as found on website)

These looks, as found on the website, are from earlier collections, yet they are still on-trend and amazingly stylish.

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These pants are perfectly tailored, and are hemmed just a few inches above the ankle; allowing for an opportunity to show off cute shoes.  The pattern on the pants is dreamy, a soft kaleidoscope of pastel colours.  Perfect for the office, a job interview or a dinner party.


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This shirt is 100% cotton, making it perfect for hot summer days.  Its boxy cut and double layer make it an interesting piece to wear with other clothes, such as a blazer, or  to wear on its own.  The print is lovely, and like many SUNO outfits, features a mash of two different textiles that work harmoniously together.  Perfect for a garden party, summer shopping or enjoying a glass of wine on the back porch.


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This dress is a boxy cut, with a very cute collar.  Its boyish cut and look make it an effortlessly cool piece to don; trying without trying too hard.  The pockets at the front make it a convenient and useful piece.  The dress channels the concept of wearing your boyfriend’s button down; yet it is also feminine with its soft flower print.  Perfect for summer shopping or lunch out with friends.




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This dress’ hero is its print, which features a bunch of cellphones tilted at different angles.  Not only does the print add a healthy dose of the unexpected, it is also vibrant in colour and scope.  The textile it is mixed with, the leaf motif seen at the bottom, middle and top of dress, breaks the cellphone pattern and compliments it simultaneously.  The dress is made out of 100% silk, a luxurious item for any to own.  Perfect for a cocktail or dinner party, or any event that you wish to gain “oohs” and “ahs” in admiration of your cool and bold sense of dress.


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