Text By Sarah-Eve Leduc

Start June 20th, the MAC will exhibit it’s summer program under the humanity and identity theme. Artists such as Rebecca Belmore, Nadia Myre, Chloé Lum,Francis Alÿs and Yannick Desranleau will allow visitors to discover their vision and performances. The Museum is also expected to collaborate with MOMENTA.

MAC – Exhibit & Foundation

Flanelle has collaborated with the MAC museum for years now. The first collaboration was our first fashion book, the FLANELLE BOOK, in collaboration with Sid Lee Collective and Folio Agency. All profits made from the book went to the MAC foundation.

Last week the MAC museum invited Flanelle to their spring opening at MAC that was held at New City Gaz, in Montreal. The event showcased local artists and held a silent auction showcasing artists such as Jerry Pigeon, Celia Perrin Sidaros, Dan Brault, Zoe Boivin and many more.

Because of construction at the museum, the event had to be held at a different location and will do so for the next few years, until construction is done. The current exhibits are to be held on Sainte-Catherine street in Montreal.

“It will be a great summer at MAC. I am very happy with this high-caliber programming we have highlighted and that is marked with poetry, while asking incredible questions”

John Zeppetelli, Director General and Chief Curator AT MAC.

Rebecca Belmore

As of June 20th, the Museum opens with One of Canada’s most celebrated and prominent contemporary artists, Rebecca Belmore, and her exhibit BRAVER LE MONUMENTAL. The exhibition showcases a rich body of work including sculptures, installations, photographs and videos, including
some based on performances. Her works approaches, with infinite sensitivity and resilience, our problematic relations with the planet, the situation of women, violence and historical events. Her work seduces and strike at the same time.

Rebecca Belmore started working as a performance artist in the late 1980s.
Her work deals with crisis and conflicts related to climate change, access to water, land use, problems of homelessness, migration and displacement. In Braver the monumental, the artist presents a collection of visceral images that address the pressing issues of our time.

Francis Alÿs : Children’s Games

Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal and MOMENTA | Biennial of
the image partnered to present Children’s Games, 1999-2018, by Francis Alÿs.
The children’s games series goes from playground to playground around the world and is in progress since 1999. This inventory of videos showcases fun activities children make with objects relatively simple and harmless – chairs, coins, sand, stones, bottles of plastic, etc. – the raw material used for improbable and fantastic universes.

By exploring the public space and the everydayness of the childhood’s imagination, he offers an intimate and political reading of the universal and unifying character of the game. The current state of the world no longer allows economic process to be seen as a positive form of living together, this practice of the imaginary seems to arise the warmth of humanization in this globalization.

MAC summer program

For all information on interactive, individual or group tours for this summer, or for any questions, you can visit the MAC’s museum website here https://macm.org/en/activities/?all%20