Redesigning Masculinity

By Lindsay Cooper

Fashion runs much deeper than the social need to cover oneself. Fashion is a form of art and is a means of social change. Just like any other form of modern art, the clothes on your back can do so much more good than just making you look good. Hong Kong-born and Australian-based designer, Cherry Luk, is one of the few contemporary designers recognizing the possibilities and, in turn, employing fashion to it’s fullest potential.

The recent graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney, explores sartorial traditions by imposing modern twists on standard menswear garments. Taking wardrobe basics, like a white collared shirt or a dinner jacket, Luk battles the stereotypes of gender and masculinity with unconventional a light palette or tightly tailored and cropped silhouettes.



Also displaying an interesting use of asymmetry, her latest collection, titled TRANS/form, was conceptualized by draping menswear pieces over a female form mannequin, giving undeniably masculine garbs a feminine edge. The collection is hard to describe, especially when trying to use indicators of “masculine” and “feminine”, but considering Luk’s encouragement to challenge the status quo, our confusion is probably intentional.

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