Before being a photographer, Ashkan Honarvar is a researcher. His photographs is for him some kind of microscope, giving him to see the human in news but also everyday ways. His art shares his vision of the human body, which is to him an object. To analyses the use we have of our own bodies, Honarvar is not afraid to shock. Models looking like pornstars, chirurgical bodies, going beneath the skin, showing scars, his work has grown from deformations of the human body to aesthetic collage on humans. He explores in an unusual way different forms of beauty, destroying dictates, creating acceptance. His exploration has led him from reflexions on identity to religion, exploration of the sexuality to death, denouncing the «oppressors» as well as plastic surgery. Overall, he tries to see with clear eyes the darkness of the human soul.

Let me share with you this amazing artist expressing what people are dying to express.

Written by Ruby-Maude