Although the title may sound weird, it is NOT what you are thinking. If you are a lover of the website nasty gal as much as I am, you will instantly fall in love with these news clothes ready in time for valentine !

Also, here’s there look-book photo shoot that is on their website here.

NastyGal_Valentines_08 NastyGal_Valentines_09 NastyGal_Valentines_10 NastyGal_Valentines_11 NastyGal_Valentines_12 NastyGal_Valentines_13 NastyGal_Valentines_02 NastyGal_Valentines_03 NastyGal_Valentines_04 NastyGal_Valentines_05 NastyGal_Valentines_06 NastyGal_Valentines_07