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Modern luxury clothing being socially and environmentally responsible, that celebrates the virtues of structure, materiality and stability.
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About us We are a team of four Melbourne-based creatives linked by family and a love of design. Our influences are diverse but we share a desire to make objects that are lasting and unique. We’re focused on simple forms, obsessed with tiny details and inspired by the challenge of balancing function and beauty in […]
The Alper sisters, two talented sisters coming from the beauty industry, created Alper oils in Montreal Canada. Their oils are 100% natural and free from additives and toxins. “We carefully source and blend all of our ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of active substance and scent. We hope that Alper Oils will inspire feelings […]
About Ace&Jig ace&jig began in 2009, when designers jenna wilson and cary vaughan set out to create seasonless womenswear from their own textile designs. we design all of our textiles in house, and partner with weaving experts in india to create each woven fabric. our textiles are meant to be heartfelt, kept and treasured for […]
About Achro   Founded in 2010, ACHRO is designed by MJ Park in the Arts District neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. Focusing on modern shapes and a strong attention to detail, MJ maintains an achromatic color scheme for each collection consisting of classic, neutral colors. Although inspired by the city, ACHRO is truly a unique LA brand […]
About AG Hair Known for their meticulous selection of natural ingredients, AG creates a new standard of beauty through handcrafted products that deliver on their promise. Founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Canada by John and Lotte Davis, AG has become a name synonymous with integrity and a brand whose devotees can’t help but ‘Use. Love. Repeat.’ A portion of every bottle sold […]
About us AgJc is a Paris-based design duo of Fernanda and Jérôme who use the traditional jewelry techniques to create a collection of singular silver pieces marked with a minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by Architecture and design his work is purely concentrating on defined lines and clean shapes with utmost wearability and versatility.
What began as a small series of hand made bralettes has evolved into a collection of delicate, covetable intimates. What started as a vision of muses; powerful, yet playful, has manifested in designer Aimee Kendall’s namesake Australian made label Aimee-Cherie Intimates. Popularity, and the desire to extend that distinct AC Intimates sensibility further, has resulted […]
About Aname Created by Camille Ly, Aname is a unique heritage inspired jewellery lifestyle brand that celebrates and explores plural identities. It is an attempt at bridging memories and history, and honoring cultural roots. The name “Aname, pronounced as \a:nam\, is a combination of “An Nam”, the historical name of a Vietnamese region and “une […]
About Anne-Marie Chagnon Over twenty years ago, Anne-Marie Chagnon founded her business and chose to create, produce and assemble her jewellery in Canada. Today supported by a multidisciplinary team, all her jewellery is still created and crafted at her studio and workshops. Guided by her heart as well as her mind, Chagnon is proud of that […]