This series represents an early collaboration between Danielle Selig and Robin Stein – being drawn together due to mutual appreciation of each others aesthetic, interest and vision.

Launching into the studio, they looked to clay as a starting point. The malleable nature of clay and its ability to take on a variety of forms and textures set the stage for us to explore three dimensional compositions in a simple and formal manner. They used string to cut into the abstract forms revealing their smooth interior, a contrast to their hand kneaded exterior.

By then adding in the element of printed photographic imagery they incorporate elements of collage into a three dimensional space.

clay-by-danielle-selig-robin-stein-01-800x1017 clay-by-danielle-selig-robin-stein-02-800x1017 clay-by-danielle-selig-robin-stein-03-800x817 clay-by-danielle-selig-robin-stein-04 clay-by-danielle-selig-robin-stein-05-800x1017 clay-by-danielle-selig-robin-stein-06-800x1017