In this collection the natural and the artificial come together to develop a series of unique piece where the forms of nature play with more straight and geometric shapes. All the handmade piece have been manufactured in Spain. Made with 100% natural materials.

DEvaya was born in Madrid but has roots from Andalusia, just like it’s creators. It is a top range jewellery brand designed for strong, tough, fun, feminine women, with lots of personality.

Every piece has it’s own unique, totally experimental process of production. The idea was born in the DEvaya workshop. First, every type of mouldable material with which to make new forms is gathered, such as materials brought directly from nature. Then they are fused with more geometric lines and designs. Once the design is finished, an artisanal jeweller reproduces the designs. All the pieces in the collection are made from top grade sterling silver (925/000) and are plated with pure gold, 3 microns thick.

PHOTOGRAPHER: @marte_craw MODEL: @julieta_segura STYLISH + JEWERLY: @_devaya PRODUCTION ASSISTANT + MAKE UP: @patricia_gons