We all love surprises. And men are no different in this regard. It is good to add small pleasures to our days on a regular basis, otherwise our lives will be dull and boring. There are different ways for surprising our partners. We can plan a spontaneous night out, with a candle-lit dinner and some wine. We can buy him a ticket to see his favorite team making its way to the play-offs. Or we can wear a sexy corset he gave us last Christmas. Yes, the one that’s sitting in the lingerie drawer and waiting for a special occasion. Don’t let it wait any longer. Be the master of your life and just create the occasion. If you want to see this sexy spark in his eyes again, wear a gift from him and make both of you happy. Just put a black lacy corset on and remember not to turn off the lights. Give him a pleasure of admiring your curves, your feminine beauty. Such a sexy piece of lingerie makes you look simply amazing from each angle. A tempting, see-through front will optically slim your body and emphasize your womanly curves. The underwired cups will give your cleavage some support and will pump up your confidence. And when you turn around he will notice this seductive back of yours. A spicy lacing and exposed buttocks will surely excite him and make him forget all the worries and tasks.

A female body is highly attractive to men, the way you move, the way you lower your voice to a whisper is so important. Really, seductive whisper and hips swinging side to side with sensual stride may touch your partner in so many ways, faster than you think. Be not afraid, every woman knows the art of flirting, even though they don’t teach that in any school. Wheedling glances, delicate biting of lower lip, playing with your hair – these are just examples of simple, frivolous signals that speak loud and clear to men. And if you add some sexy lingerie to that, you will make even greater impression on him. Men focus on visual aspects of life, images stimulate them more than anything else, so make a good use of what Mother Nature gave you, highlighting it with proper garments, like sexy corset with a boning.

Sexy corsets for self-confident women.

Men have different tastes for women, make sure you know what works best on your partner. One man would prefer his woman wearing red and lacy triangle bra with matching G-string panties. Yet another might be seduced by a woman showing off less nakedness. In such case, put on a satin corset with boning and pair it with fishnet stockings. This sexy set will surely make you look enticing. And when you add some seductive mesh and lace garter belt to that, your man is going to lose his head for you just like he did years ago.

Choose an elegant and richly adorned corset and get ready for some naughty fun together. This sexy piece, with top and bottom decorated with lacy frills is designed to look like those traditional corsets worn by women centuries ago. It can take you back in time, to become someone completely different from your usual self. If you are a strong and independent woman, you can become a little, sweet coquette for a night. Such a twist shouldn’t hurt, and can even take your relationship to a whole new level of ecstasy.

Whatever you choose, make sure you feel good in it. There is nothing more seductive and alluring than a woman who knows her worth and acts like she rules the world. Simply work your magic on him and create some nice memories together. Choose something to fulfill your needs and his desires here: https://obsessive.com/euro_en/products/corsets-and-teddies