If you want to let way more natural light into your home or if you know that you just want to make your rooms feel brighter then you have nothing to worry about. All of this is very easy to do and it won’t take you long either and on top of this, it is a great way for you to increase the value of your home.


New Paint


Any room can be made to feel lighter- regardless of how small it is. If you want to get started with this then you need to paint your ceiling white and you also need to try and reflect as much light as possible. When painting your walls, try and opt for a light colour and try and opt for a specialist emulsion as well. This will make all the difference to how your room feels and it will also make it feel way brighter. If you can, opt for ultra-white paint as this will come with reflective particles and it will also help you to bounce any light that does come in through the window, all around the room.

Gloss Kitchens


One of the easiest ways for you to brighten up your kitchen is for you to install very high quality, gloss kitchen doors. These are able to bounce light around the rooms with ease and it is also a very affordable way for you to accessorise your kitchen. The best thing about this is that they aren’t expensive and they never go out of fashion. You don’t need to invest in a ton of lighting either because the walls and the cabinets will bounce most of the light around for you.


Mirrored Furniture


In your other rooms, you can easily opt for a glossy or even a set of mirrored furniture as well. You can hang mirrors on your walls and you can also maximise the light that comes in by doing this as well. The main thing that a lot of people overlook is the floor. If you are able to have white floorboards then this will make all the difference, but if you can’t then at least try and have white tiles in the kitchen. You can do this in the bathroom as well as it will help to bounce the light around with ease.


Your Windows


Natural light is way better and nicer when compared to standard wall lighting. At night however, you don’t want to have light shining through when you are trying to unwind. For this reason, you need to find a solution that helps light to come through while also giving you complete control over it at night. For this reason, you should certainly consider investing in some cheap blockout curtains as this will help you to get that perfect balance. You can let light come through during the day, and then set the mood at night with some luxurious mood wall-lights. This will really help you to brighten the room even at night.