“I am very fascinated by all forms of dementia and the idea of someone very sane becoming delusional from long seclusion.”

Working mostly as a collagist, Lucie recently shifted to photography, wanting to approach her work with a new aesthetic. Influenced by traditional caucasian visuals, she was interested in the conversation of this very traditional imagery with a more contemporary study of art. “This is also a conversation that I like to nourish through the themes of my works. I think it is an interesting dichotomy to express the states our countries are in: stuck in time and traditions but also very much opening up, and very fast, to new technologies, ideas, to the west in general. I am from Armenia but currently live in Tbilissi, Georgia and am working on several projects, through photography and collages.”


Where did your inspiration come from ?
I formed the global idea after reading Endgame from S.Beckett as it left a very strong impression on me. I wanted to translate this sentiment through images and use the idea of a holy union to illustrate these feelings. The whole series is deliberately very staged as if the viewer was placed inside the setting of a play. Working as an artist in this part of the world ( maybe everywhere ) is rather isolating, and the more you commit to your work the more you isolate I think as you need time to focus on your project and most of your surrounding don’t quite understand what you’re doing really. I am very fascinated by all forms of dementia and the idea of someone very sane becoming delusional from long seclusion.
” I try to speak about all these themes in this work, and use the idea of a marriage to illustrate a collapse despite such a holy alliance.
There are strong references to traditional caucasian folk tales/imagery  in my images, whether in the poses or the patterns, and nothing is really random in the compositions. I am also incredibly influenced by Sergei Paradjanov’s works ( Armenian-Georgian artist/movie director). There are here and there hints of magic or witchcraft, presence of a ghost, elements relating to Armenian’s superstitions.
Finally, the choice of marriage is not completely a coincidence, besides its holy aspect, I wanted to demystify the institution of marriage ( the only choice in Armenia ) and highlight the fact that I could, instead of creating a beautiful union, weaken both parts. Women are often asked to take care of the house, have kids and educate them after marriage and to me this is basically total alienation and a nightmare. As if the female figure was a soft paste, malleable, doomed to vanish in her husband’s shadow  This is in some way something i wanted to add to the conversation around this work. “
Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist born in 1990 in Erevan, Armenia.
She graduated from Minas Avetysyan school of Fine Arts in 2010 and received a Fine Arts Degree from the American University of Armenia in 2012.