Mamzelle Poppy, represented by Colagene Clinique créative, is a french artist living in Cannes, France. She’s got a real passion for the image and fashion. After a 3D digital training (specialist in texturing), she got is inspired by women’s magazines, photographic work belonging to the world of fashion, but also animation and started to work on graphic art. Her work is a set of associated elements, pop aesthetic, graphic and colorful. This world reflects a very personal vision of femininity and the world around us as she sees it : with a hint of playfulness and fantasy. Her approach is often intuitive; she discusses her work with feelings … Her main tool: creativity.


Flanelle : Tell us a little bit about yourself 
My name is Madeleine AKA ​​Mamzelle Poppy. I am French and I have a real passion for the image and work around the image. What we can carry through visuals fascinates me.
What medium do you use, and why did you choose this medium ?
My work is primarily digital, I use photoshop for my illustration work because it allows me to quickly get in shape and color that I have in mind. As being derived from a 3D digital image formation I like the contact with the graphics tablet.

100614_Poule de Luxe N°8= NATASHA LILLIPORE_MamZelle_Poppy_RP
What message do you wish to send to the audience ? When someone sees your art, what do you hope they will grasp or enjoy about the paintings?
I want the public to hear the playful, fresh and generous side of my creations.   My message is simple and fairly positive, this is a very personal vision of women’s fashion and the world around me. I would like the vibration of all those associated colors emanating from my work to give pleasure to the public and that they can appreciate the slight little touches of madness I try to charge my creations.
How do you get inspired ? What piques your interest?
I get inspired by all artistic forms and images : Photography, Art, Films, Animated Movies, Fabrics and Matter. I get my inspiration from everything that can be seen, everything that I seek and that I find beautiful. Then, I exploit it and transpose it in my universe.

What is the most challenging part about your medium ?
Challenge in my work method is to get all references and credits for my images. My goal being of giving a very personnal vision to the image, I have to get as far as possible from my references and original images, but keeping the mood and story that I want to share through the final image.

What is your creative process like?
When I have an idea, I start by creating a moodboard or a collage of images that inspire me and are visually close to what I’d like to achieve. When making an image, I take a few pictures as reference and creation the final image and color through photoshop.

What are your life goals in 5 years ?
I’d like that, in 5 years, my style be recognized in the artistic sphere, and I’d love to do one or two expositions. I’m also thinking of creating a line of fashion accesories and have a showroom with my graphic art and fashion creations.

130613_Floral Crowned Girl_MamZelle_Poppy_RP
Fun Questions
Favorite Food : Asian food
Favorite Movie : The Lion King
Your Favorite Color : Bold colors
Most important thing in life : Love with a hint of craziness