Exclusive Interview: Rupert Lamontagne

By Sierra Mon 


There’s something about the soft mood and colouring of Rupert Lamontagne’s photography that is both a subtle and distinct characteristic of his work. He dynamically captures his muses and presents them in a way that appears effortless and casual yet enticing. Known for his natural approach and authenticity, this Montreal-based photographer has gone very far in a few short years, having been featured on several high profile platforms, both local and international.

At Flanelle, we got to discuss what goes on behind the camera, where he goes to find inspiration and more:


What do you consider a signature of your work?

I would say the colours.


Who is someone you are dying to collaborate with?

Probably bands like Massive Attack or Grimes, I want to start directing shortly.



Tell us about how you lead your photoshoots.

I kind of let them lead me. I prepare the overall idea (location, casting) and let the rest happen.


What kind of reaction do you hope your work invokes?

I don’t expect anything. I hope I like it more than a day myself.


You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that college wasn’t for you. Do you think you learnt anything valuable in your time there? 

Not really. I learned who the legends are. I’m happy about that and the teachers were cool but I learned everything on the internet.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?



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What stands out to you in photos or other artwork you admire?

Authenticity and I like when I don’t quite get the story behind the shot.


Where is your favorite place to go see new art?

I see most of it on the internet and museums a bit, when new collections come out. There is this independent theater in Brooklyn that I like a lot called Spectacle Theater, they make their own curation of movies I usually never heard of (old and new movies). I discovered some of my favorites with them! They pick weird sh*t too… you’re warned.


Name three personal objects you can’t live without.

There’s none really. I dont even have a phone since like… March? But I’d say my camera and computer because it’s my job.


Any upcoming projects? Yeah! I have a lot of projects lined up that I can’t talk about yet but I’m publishing a first book in October!

Follow Rupert’s work on his instagram at www.instagram.com/rupertlamontagne