Exclusive interview with Burlesque Stars, Scarlett James and Andrea Hausmann

As they get ready to razzle and dazzle their audience for the 5th Edition of Montreal Burlesque Festival starting December 6th!



 SJ: Scarlett James is my stage name. When I was looking for a name, I was researching what was for me the ultimate woman. I thought about Scarlett O’Hara, and then for the ultimate man, I was like James Bond – so Scarlett James, that’s how it came about.

 AH: How the Andrea Hausmann photography brand kind of developed was that I like to take really powerful shots of women, being sexy…

 SJ: …and always in the spirit of the women not being objectified, more like strong leading role type models.

 AH: For my photography, I’ve done so much research over the years so I’m inspired by burlesque obviously, I’m inspired by movies, I’m inspired by books, I’m inspired by museum exhibits and art pieces and I like to create stories.

 SJ: My signature on stage…

 AH: …your champagne and your bird number.  It’s just your stuff is always bigger, grander, it’s more more detailed, more…

 SJ: it’s just overwhelming…

 AH: …yeah it’s overwhelming

 SJ: Well in order to do a show festival and all of those things we needed to incorporate a company. We created the festival in 2009 and now we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary, and to celebrate it I desperately needed the burlesque intelligence that Andrea also posses.

 AH: All the undercover knowledge I’ve had for years of talking to performers. So I’m really excited to be part of it this year, and I’ve worked with performers for so long and I’ve heard all the horror stories and I’ve heard all the good stories, and the bad stories, and so I’m able to bring some background some some information to the festival to make it the best that it could possibly make it.

 SJ: Well it would be nice to have a little bit more of this kind of establishment that has the quality of burlesque that we envision.  Maybe a small place, a medium place and a large place. My motto is when I work (A minuit je veux être dans mon lit), I love the work but at midnight I really like to be in my bed.

AH: And for me, I love to indulge, so I like to work hard, I like to play hard and I like to eat – I just indulge; indulge in life’s little pleasures.