by Sasha Souther

No matter what season you are in, or what trends are in or out, some fashion rules never change. Our past editorials show many trends but in your day-t-day life, you must have the basics. To spend your money wisely on fashion, make sure the basics of what to wear (and not to wear) are followed with every single item you buy. Trend items can be purchased less expensively, since they may come and go with the wind. However, the items you will probably keep in your closet for many years to come should be where most of your money is invested when fashion is concerned.

Basic Ideas to Keep in Mind


Clothes should be well-fitting. This means purchasing clothes that are not too tight or too loose, and purchasing clothes that fit you as you are now, not when you hope to go down a size or two. If you do end up losing weight, you can always alter your bigger clothes to fit you – but, for now, buy clothes that hug your shape comfortably as you are now for the most flattering look.




Clothes should flatter your figure. No matter how cute an outfit or dress is, it won’t make you look cute if it is in an unflattering style for your body type. Experiment with different cuts and styles to find the right patterns for you . For example, if you are a short person, you will want outfits that bring the eyes up when people look at you – this means shirts that come down to your waist , and outfits with pretty necklines that draw the eyes up towards your face. For taller people, cropped pants and capri’s work well in balancing out height. Other patterns, including horizontal versus vertical stripes help give the appearance of a taller versus wider appearance. By experimenting with different types of cuts and patterns, you can find the look that works for you – and stay away from those other looks, no matter how cute they may appear to be on the hanger!



Invest most of your money in basic items; clothes that will last a long time. These include blue jeans, black pants, black skirts, a basic black dress – things that you can pair with other items to be more trendy, but that (in their own right) never go out of style. This also includes basic pumps and some purses as well.

Keeping Your Closet Up-to-Date

To be fashionable means you always look your best – even when you just have a couple of minutes to get ready. To accomplish this, organize your closet so that your basic quality items are easy to find and match with the trendy accessories and scarves you may use to spice them up. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year and keep a certain color theme developing in your clothes so that you can easily pair them with other items. This way everything you have is complementary and nothing you choose can go wrong. You’ll be able to show off your fashion sense with ease!