As technologies are taking over most of the world, I have decided that, instead of fearing the disappearance of the paper, I would enjoy the new multi-platforms era. I am already a fierce user of Twitter, where I mostly follow fashion bloggers and brands I love but I have recently discovered that fashion apps have evolved to becoming useful instead of being used as a marketing method to build consumer loyalty. So, here are my favorite picks

My first try was Pose, an app which first appeared to me as similar to Pinterest except for some keypoint. First, I love that the app, when you are looking for people to follow, includes the YouTube beauty/fashion stars such as Elle Fowler and Allison Macnamara. It also offers a selection of great selection of short, cute and useful videos. Subsequently, I liked the easy access between your stream and your collections, making it pretty simple to slide your favorite poses in your collections (which is the equivalent of a board in the Pinterest world). However, I did not love the choice of pictures, mostly compose of photoshoots made by company and deprived of the fashion style we admire bloggers for.


Fashion Network

I also loved the Fashion Network app, which offers us almost every runway show on video. But, in it’s own, the app is not a fun experience. For instance, we cannot do any search, which means we have to travel around the list of designers shows’ to find the ones we want to see. So, I love the idea but think it needs some work on the interface.


Stylish girl

My biggest find was stylish girl. This application offers us a way to keep track of our wardrobe by giving us a great tool to list all of our clothes and accessories. You take a picture of every piece, classifies them according to the kind of clothes, the season it was made for and the style. You can plan the best looks, creating outfits and also plan what clothes you should bring when you are travelling (which is a great idea because I always forget something in my hotel room). Finally, you can buy clothes with the app (but I think there are better apps out there to do it).


Written by Ruby-Maude Rioux