Five Fashion Steps to Follow This Fall

Text by Anna T.D.

Fall. The season when leaves decide to change its colours, the warm sun gives its place to the wind and rain… and people get back to their most fashionable roots. Because summer is way too hot to even think about wearing blazers, booties, hats, leather gloves and those sexy stockings, autumn is somehow the best season to look your best since the weather is not too sweaty nor freezing cold. Personally, I think there are five main aspects you might want to respect during this colourful season so you can look all pretty, feel comfortable and confident about yourself without spending too much time in front of your mirror.

Layer your clothing pieces. Because of the constant temperature’s ups and downs, you don’t want to catch a cold when it’s windy outside or sweat like crazy when the sun is all bright, think about bringing with you to work or to school a blazer, fitted or boyfriend cut, a leather jacket or a wool coat. Because those pieces are versatile, they can fit with almost anything in your wardrobe – from your pair of sexy skinny jeans or trousers to your favourite dress or skirt. Play with layers is the fun part of this season. Layering various pieces in different patterns and colours will bring out your unique style. Don’t forget that all the different items you put on have to coordinate together to make an ensemble. Also, remember that the way you style your outfits bring out your personality. You are the one wearing these clothes, so wear them for your own comfort and tastes.

Accessorize! Because your outfits speak for themselves, personalize your own style by adding some accessories here and there. Printed scarves are usually the main focus for fall, for women and men. So go out there and try new materials, textures, patterns and colours. Gloves, hats  and hair accessories are also a good way to bring out the special side of your whole outfit. But remember, sometimes less is more. So focus on one main bold accessory, like a spiky necklace, and pair it with small simple earrings and a watch for example. No one wants to look like a Christmas tree, right?!

Think about chances of rain. Your shoes should be able to support sunny and rainy moments in the same day. If you like ballet flats, try to avoid the textile ones. Water can seep into your shoes, making them damp and your toes won’t really like it. If you decide to go with suede or leather booties, flats or pumps, make sure you did protect your shoes with a water repellent product before heading outside. Not only your feet will thank you but you will also avoid ruining your shoes!

Find a quick makeup routine. This is a bit tricky for most of us because we usually don’t have much time in the morning. But don’t forget that your skin will get dry with those electric heaters and cold wind outside! So, it’s necessary to hydrate your skin before anything else with rich moisturizing cream and by drinking lots of water. For those of you who have a bit more time to spend on makeup, find a product that suits your skin type to hide those redness and imperfections. Remember, you don’t need hundreds of foundation layers to cover your whole face! Find one good product that will do the job and you will be set to go in no time. Spending more on one good product is a smarter choice than buying tons of useless products. And believe me, a hint of colour on your face will make you look healthier, especially when your tan is all gone by now. So, to avoid looking like a ghost, add a little amount of blush to bring out those cheekbones or a touch of lipstick or tinted lip balm on those sexy lips. Everyone will notice how great you look, even without that bronzy skin tone!

Embrace your true beauty. Even if you wear the most expensive and fashionable clothes, your body is still yours. Chose clothing pieces that will fit your lifestyle, pieces you know you will feel at ease in it. Even if we all want to look our best, remember that ourselves always come first. If you feel good in your own body and appreciate your true self, everybody will notice it.


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