We had the pleasure to host the 7th issue launch party event here in Montreal.


More photos of the launch party can be found here 


For all of you who could not make it, you may buy your copy in Oxford Boutique, 174 St Viateur, Montreal, Qc.
For all of you international readers, a printed and digital version is available on our Magcloud Page



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Contributors : Angéline Moizard, Ariane Poulin, Aysha Banos, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Bongo Design – Magdalena Chojnacka, Catherine d’Amours, Daniel Bruno Ferreira Elisabeth Labelle, Flavio Samelo, Gwenhyfar Fagan, Jean-Francois Dumais, Jesse Draxler, John Londono, Kane Hopkins, Lena Progrebnaya, Nisha Gulati, Maddie Alper, Ruby-Maude Rioux, Saibh Egan, Sameep Singh, Sarah Rousseau, Sarah-Eve Leduc, Shereen Alex, Simon Cauvier Goupil, Simon Roy, Sonia Staali, Stephanie Casarotto, Stephanie Serfaty, Yan Bleney