Spring / Summer 2017 trending

Spring / Summer 2017 trending

After a decade of reaching for the skinny jeans or leggings in our closet, we’re now hopping for the wide legged, three quarter trouser, flowy blouse with frills, more color ( check out the lastest zara ss2017 collection ).


Long Vests – Long vests are back in style and how! One of the reasons that long vests are a favourite of all is because it has a slimming effect on the body and hence, is appreciated by many. These can be worn with almost everything – for a sporty look, teaming it up with a smart top and shorts works wonders. Teaming long vests with plain tops and jeans also works very well. This is one item that can be paired off with anything and this is why, they are back in trend!

Sporty look – Tennis skirts, gym shorts, running shoes and plimsolls are back in trend and how. Top it off by tying a top knot and you will get the perfect sporty look.

Sarees – Sarees are not Indian anymore. They have been westernised! Wear it with a crop top or drape it like a gown, sarees are just everywhere! They are perfect if you want an evening look but with a slight edge to it. Make sure you follow all these trends and remain in style! Saree styled trench coats or blouses ? Yes! From the traditional sarees and latest designer sarees collection to something of a cross between that and a coat. It is this cross that is grabbing the eyeballs of many and is making a fashion statement everywhere. Wear it with shorts or jeans, dresses or skirts, the saree – jacket goes with all!

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Shirt Dresses – One of the trends of 2017 that has taken the fashion world by a storm happen to be shirt dresses. This year, shirts are back in a new avatar – the shirt dress. There are various cuts and styles that are available – drop waists, high slits, asymmetrical hemlines, mandarin collar – it embodies everything. You can find the best designer sarees online similar to a your shirt dress to look quirky yet elegant.

Traditional Saree