Give them the Slip:

By Veronica Iannuzzi

This boudoir classic is making a chic statement with unconventional pairings.


The slip dress, the item often seen in the confines of bedrooms, is undoubtedly having a moment. The slinky, curve-hugging piece has carved a place for itself in chic and statement-making street wear. This 90s classic, a decade which is also having a popular revival, has been gracing the Spring and Summer runways – but the real fashion show is watching the trend-setters interpret the style in the art of layering. Mastering the trend requires pairings that don’t enhance the slip dress’s sex appeal but rather neutralizes it with casual and modern accents.



One such way to don the lingerie-inspired piece is wearing it with an oversized turtle neck. There’s something to be said for the combination of shiny satin with a bulky crochet or cotton sweater. Along those same lines, a similar yet more laid-back version of the look is pairing the slip with a grunge-inspired hoodie. This interpretation is meant for those determined to enhance the juxtaposition between both pieces – while also transitioning this warm weather item into a fun fall look. Adding to the toned down version of the slip is wearing the dress over a classic t-shirt. Layering the slip over a long-sleeve shirt or a simple tee also undercuts the sensuality of it.

Another popular combination is wearing the slip with different types of footwear. The classic and very alluring method is combining the slinky item with pumps or high-heeled sandals. However, to achieve the desired effect of minimizing the slip’s sexiness people are making an interesting pairing – wearing the piece with bulky sneakers. The contrast is so striking and it makes such a strong statement. You can then take that look even further by adding a classic leather or jean jacket for an even bolder finish.

Despite the clingy fabric, this daring method of wearing the slip dress strikes such a rebellious tone. Women are having fun by rejecting the slip’s sexiness and turning it into something modern and interesting. The art lies in the intricate layering. The slip can easily cross the line and become too seductive but off-setting layers create a stunning result. Wearing the slip in such a way leaves the impression that you’re a woman not afraid to express your femininity while also making a fierce and lasting impression.