A glimpse into La Maison Godefroi

We’ve recently made you discover a few tremendous brands from Montreal, and here’s one that you can’t miss.


Photo by Monsiieur


We’ve had the pleasure to meet the very passionate Charles-Olivier Pilon, a young Montreal Entrepreneur who has launched his very first luxury brand, Maison Godefroi. The idea was to bring back a trend from the 80’s by reinterpreting it into a classy wardrobe. Maison Godefroi proposes a various line of leather ties. bow ties and label flowers both for men and women. Minimalist, the line is easy to combine with many outfits. There is also a variety of colors and patterns to give a fair bit of sophistication to a plain look. Not to mention that every piece is developed locally, thus you can assure yourselves that all is well made and hand made. The ties are even sewed on the inside. All of their fabrics and materials are from Italy, a country with the most luxurious and most durable leather. The quality definitely does not deceive.


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Ties were first worn from soldiers or people belonging to a certain group in the 17th century . It has been in the culture for a very long time. About 60 years ago, designers and manufacturers of neckties in the United States were members of the Men’s Dress Furnishings Association but the trade group shut down in 2008 due to declining membership due to the declining numbers of men wearing neckties. Ties, nowadays, are accessories and decoration. Ties are also seen as a symbol of the elite of the society.

It only took one touch of Italian leather one fine day, for him to feel the quality of unmatched flexibility and softness and more importantly, to fall in love with this sublime material and finally make it his life’s work. – Maison Godefroi Website

Maison Godefroi cares about the environment, which is why no detail is overlooked. All the products are available on the website and are delivered to your home in an ecologic yet extremely chic package. Everything is carefully chosen from the fabric to the packaging. We are very excited to see the brand in Montreal Boutiques soon, meanwhile, for now you can get them online on their website, very affordable prices ranging from 65$ to 125$. More items are to come for gentleman, from  Cuff links to tie clip, bags and pocket squares, and for woman you will find hair bow ties and brooches. 


Photo by Monsiieur

Photo by Monsiieur


Purchase here :  http://www.maisongodefroi.com/