This collection is meant to make one feel like their highest form of self. It is a mixture of various fabrics specifically chosen because of their unique look or texture. It is a modern take on African fashion and the culture. The intricate details in this collection takes your eyes on a trip around the world and though time with every look.

From South Jersey, Haley Manochi’s interest in design started at a young age and continued through her life landing her at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s design program right after High School. After completing her Associates degree in New York, Haley continued her fashion design studies by getting her bachelors of fine arts degree in Italy through FIT’s program in Milan. After completing her degree, Haley stayed in Milan working for a small fashion startup for a year before moving back to New York where she currently works as an Associate Designer for an intimates apparel group. This is Haley’s first collection and she is very excited to share her ideas with the world