Every year we come with this awesome chance to change, put costume a costume on, and disguise ourselves. Halloween comes, but not always our creativity !

So here’s our top 5 ideas for Halloween costumes !

1. Sublime Masks ! You don’t need to have a whole costume to be amazing superb and fashionable. Unique masks do the trick.

2. Stunning Dresses. Nobody thinks about it too much, but dresses, when big and creative, are VERY CLASSY and VERY CREATIVE. Here are some examples that will make you jealous !

3. Impersonation. Either you choose your favorite artist, singer, writer, art style or children hero, impersonating your favorite character is always fun and creative.

4. Make-up . It is always better if it can be done by a professional. Plus, it makes more jobs to make-up artists ! And it can sometimes stand out so much ! Have a look at our finds.

5. Ideas you don’t have. When thinking about doll or angel costumes, we all see that very cheaply made costume, but you HAVE to think outside of the box. Really apply yourself to have the best costume in your bar/ house party !

Happy Halloween My Beauties !