Minds are changing, and being a city-dweller doesn’t mean that you cannot live into nature. If you walk in every city you can find city garden. I don’t talk about park, but about private green areas. They grow and sprout on the roof top, patios, terraces and also inside houses. People really want to be back to nature with attitude and style.

I discovered in Amsterdam the workshop area of the dutch floral designer Fedor Van De Valk. I felt in love at first sight with the creative and poetic “string gardens” project. He is a great artist, he reinvents the interior garden and creates free floating plants. The flowers and the trees are suspended in the air with strings. The roots of the plants are embed into graceful balls of moss. When it is set up it is like a delicate and beautiful botanical art installation. Sometimes all these different floating plants could remind me the Little Prince’s planets in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous book. When he takes care of his rose or when he discovers the monkey bread trees planet. This unusual garden shape is like an hanging garden of Eden, or an indoor oasis.

Fedor Van De Valk cultivate this singular garden for the pleasure of our senses.

credits: http://www.stringgardens.com/
– Marine Senges –