Just recently, I had the chance to meet the one-off duo: Heymoonshaker. The group arose with the meeting of two very humble guys named Andrew Balcon and David Crowe. The pair, recently signed by Dify records, definitely clash with the typical singer/songwriter we’re used to hear. What they produce is hard to categorize, considering they incorporate many different influences from blues to rock, electronic and many more.


Photo by Yan Bleney


One of the many things that sets them apart is the fact that their percussions are made by Crowe’s voice, which gives every one of their songs a more raw, dynamic texture. As for Balcon, his voice brings a smoother feel, which gives an air of softness and depth to their tracks.

If your curiosity is peaked, I’ve got good news for you guys! You can get the chance to experience their unique sound in their first studio album Noir, that came out last October. The album echoes their fundamental approach to music while adding quality to the sound, as it was studio recorded. Also, if you get the chance to be around Quebec from December 15th to February 13th, the duo will be on tour around the province for the next three months.

I’ll let you take it from here, and let you listen to my two favourite songs from Noir below!


By Erika-Elyzabeth


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