By Erika-Elyzabeth Korzer


When merging a large variety of music influences, making it sound unified and undivided becomes a challenge. In a tide of great artists, you have to make sure you stand out; otherwise you’ll drown. Having a constant desire for creating mind-blowing, innovative pieces of work is essential but also creates a barrier to achieving your sonic identity. It’s with ease that Ragers are rising to that challenge, slowly creating their own signature sound. They were able to stay away from the “production bible” to let their creativity take over.


The guys behind Ragers are brothers Jake and Jay Pst, Phil MG and Billy Eff as MC. The group arose three years ago from an idea, “a project in which no boundaries were to be put,”says Jake. Through this journey, they produced two EPs, Chapters and Unum, that just came out in the beginning of April that include many collaborations with artists such as Billy Eff, Husser, Kris the $pirit, Manast and ZéFIRE.


They recently came back from a two-month trip to Los Angeles that really influenced their sound in a good way. “The fact that we were in L.A. really shows in the color of the sound of Unum, whereas Chapters was produced in the Montreal cold”, says Jay. During this trip they finished Unum and recorded their next EP Joshua featuring Huss, Billy Eff le Chef, Gabe Nandez, Lou Phelps and more, which should be out soon. The L.A. sun shines through their work on Joshua and why i’m not where You are (Billy Eff’s solo EP), which Ragers will produce executively. If you live in Montreal, you can find them at “Mirage,” their new bi-monthly parties at Don B Comber on St-Laurent starting up Sunday May 22nd.




What’s your favourite activity?

Jake: Muy Thai.

Jay: Basketball.

Phil: Jam on a slow blues in B.

Billy: DJing and eating.


Your favourite drinks?

Jake: Whisky.

Jay: Beer.

Phil: Lemmy.

Billy: Wine.


How about your favourite songs?

Jake: Lite Spots by Kaytranada.

Jay: Big shout-out to Kaytranada.

Phil: The thrill is gone by B.B. King.

Billy: La sauce by Hamza.


Who is your current girl crush?

Jake: Mylène St-Sauveur.

Jay: Anaïs Favron.

Phil: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse.

Billy: Emma Watson.


Here is one of my favourite song on Unum:

For more info on Ragers check out their webpage: