Fashion is a means of self-expression, and as such developing your very own personal sense of style is as much about clothes as it is about your identity. How you wish to represent yourself and how comfortable you are with what you wear both play a very crucial role when curating a wardrobe. It might be scary to make the first step, but do so, and you will open up a fun and exciting world of creativity. No one should tell you how to dress, but you should follow these steps to help you develop your own personal sense of style:


Build Up Your Basics

Every wardrobe needs basics. These basics are the staples that make everyone look good, but more importantly can make your more outgoing pieces’ shine. The little black dress, the white t-shirt, and the fitted jeans are all examples of staples that every wardrobe should have.


Be Brave

One of the biggest obstacles to developing a sense of style is your own insecurities. Overcoming the nagging thought in your head that says you look foolish in an outfit you love is a huge step, but having supportive friends and taking the plunge can help you become more confident in yourself than you have ever been before. Wear what you want, feel great in it, and you’d be amazed at how people respond.


Quality Over Quantity

Delve into the fashion world for a minute, and you’ll likely come across the concept of a capsule wardrobe. While it isn’t necessary to only own or wear forty or so items at a time, the principles involved are valid. The point of a capsule wardrobe is to wear every single piece of clothing that you own, and to wear it many times. To ensure that you do this, ask yourself these key questions before you buy your next garment:


1.What is it Made Out of?


The material is important, not only for how it feels, but for how long it lasts and how you can take care of it. You should also be aware of any allergies you might have, as this can instantly make even the most beautiful earrings a no-go if you have a nickel allergy. Instead, find hypoallergenic options like these skin-friendly earrings from The same applies to allergies to latex or other materials.


2.Is it Comfortable?


There are two ways you can feel uncomfortable in clothing – the first, because you don’t feel confident in it, and the second, because it is physically limiting. If the garment is physically uncomfortable to wear, give it a pass.


3.30 Wears Campaign


The 30 Wears Campaign is championed by Livia Firth, and the premise behind it is simple: will you wear something more than thirty times? If you can see yourself wearing it again and again, it’s a winner; if not, it’s only a passing fad.


Developing your sense of style is a personal journey of self-love and creativity. Not everything you try out will work, but it is the time, effort, and thought you put into your appearance that can make all the difference.