In a supposedly male dominated industry, it is refreshing and exhilarating to see strong and intricate female film characters in movies.  Along with their attitude, they also often have a killer wardrobe and distinct style.  If you ever wanted to have the elegance and charm of Sévérine in Belle de Jour, or the edge of Mia from Pulp Fiction, look no further.  The fashion inspiration of the day is drawn from these iconic female figures.  While they may be fiction, their distinct image and unique style is all too real.

Mia- Pulp Fiction (1994)


Uma Thurman plays the coke-addict wife of Marsellus Wallace, a hit-man boss.  Pulp Fiction is acclaimed as one of the best movies of all time, and this statement is very well-deserved.  The film is a dark comedy with elements of film noir, and the plot, although not linear as expected, beautifully links the lives and stories of different people seamlessly together despite its irregular format.  Mia, although only appearing for a relatively short while, is remembered for her sultry attitude, edgy and sharp look and having a penchant for 50s diners.  She also appears in what I believe to be the best scene of the movie, a rockabilly type dance with John Travolta’s character.  Mia is cool, Mia is attracted to danger, Mia knows how to hold a man’s attention, and viewers everywhere love her for it.

Think: Clean-cut lines, polished, monochrome



Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.32.58 PM

Jil Sander shirt, Saint Laurent slim trouser, Lanvin loafers, Chanel nailpolish




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Witchery shirt, The Row pants, Blue Nile necklace, Smashbox in ‘Be Legendary’


Sandy- Grease (1978)


Sandy, the girl “lousy with virginity” surprised audiences when she ditched the poodle skirts and cardigans and went for a much more provocative and leather-clad look near the end, to impress her love interest Danny Zucko.  Sandy is the epitome of a style makeover, showing that one can easily reinvent their look at the drop of a hat.  Whether one prefers innocent or sexy Sandy, both looks stand out in their own way.  Grease is a classic musical, and proves to be fun for all ages to enjoy.

Think: (Innocent) Pastel colours, midi or full skirts, soft fabrics.  (Edgy) Leather, shine, form-fitting

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 7.59.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.11.30 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.13.05 PM

BCGB/Maxazria maxi skirt, Jane Norman cardigan, Alexander McQueen Button down, Johnny Loves Rosie barette

Sandy-Grease Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.20.33 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.32.14 PM


Viparo leather jacket, Dolce and Gabbana bustier, Gucci leather leggings, Shisheido lipstick


Sévérine- Belle de Jour (1967)


Sévérine is a typical French housewife, until she discovers her fascination with submission and becomes a prostitute under the pseudonym of Belle de Jour; unbeknownst to her husband.  Sévérine manages to be elegant and composed at all times, even when she is in the bedroom of a client.  Her collection of timeless and classic pieces are truly enviable and capture the French ‘je ne sais quoi’ of style.

Think: Timeless pieces, clean-cut, polished, soft makeup

images-2 Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.23.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.29.30 PM

Ted Baker dress, Saint Laurent heels, Asos belt, Lila lipstick in ‘Humble Me’

catherine-deneuve-in-belle-de-jour-e1322583486710 Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.24.23 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.34.27 PM


Isabel Marant Étoile coat, Ferragamo wedges, Acne Sunglasses, Zara bag


Thelma- Thelma and Louise (1991)


Thelma and Louise is a truly feminist movie about around two friends who decide to leave their everyday lives and go on a road trip together.  Thelma is a sweet and naive woman, who is abused by her husband.  Her best friend, Louise, insists that she leave him, and she does.  What seems to be an initially uplifting story turns sour when the two women become involved in a murder, and Thelma’s innocence slowly dwindles away.  The ending is one of the best in film history, and the characterization shows that the simplest of people can ultimately become intricate and complex.

Think: Vintage, denim, rock and roll, Southern charm

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 5.52.55 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.41.26 AM

Current/Elliot jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Topshop boots, Affliction American shirt

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Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.50.55 AM

Vintage shirt, Levis Made and Crafted jeans, Steve Madden boots, Astley Clarke bracelet


 Mrs. Robinson- The Graduate (1967)


As the famous Simon and Garfunkel tune goes, “And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know”.  Not only does Jesus apparently love her, despite her sin of sleeping with the young son of her neighbour and friend, but so do audiences.  Mrs. Robinson is the original ‘cougar’, sultry and seductive in her mannerisms and dress.  Viewers were captivated by her unapologetic and dominating personality, all while having the grace and elegance of a mature woman.  The Graduate is a fantastic movie, and has elements of sixties counterculture that are apparent.   Not to mention, the character development is phenomenal and the ending is easily one of the best in cinematographic history.  If you haven’t seen it, go watch now!

Think: Sheer, seductive, dark tones, animal print

Anne-Bancroft-Mrs-Robinson Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.06.55 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.24.45 AM


Biba coat, Christian Louboutin heels, Karen Millen dress, Hoorsenbuhs earrings

anne-brancroft-the-graduate-photo  Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.07.45 AM


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.32.41 AM


Agent Provocateur bra, Dior clutch, Miu Miu skirt, vintage fur coat


Annie Wilkes- Misery (1990)


No one does psycho quite like Kathy Bates’ character Annie in Misery.  Based on Stephen King’s thrilling novel, Annie is a lonely woman who rescues her favourite author from a car crash and then proceeds to hold him prisoner in her home.  The movie is almost a dark comedy as Annie manages to be a somewhat humourous villain with her weird sayings and obsessive attitude.  Misery is a great thriller, and Annie is perhaps one of the most interesting female villains in recent film history.

Think: Denim dresses, print, simplistic jewellery, rustic outerwear


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.52.46 AM


Paul Smith shirt, Bosabo shoes, Joveeba dress, Vintage socks


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.36.24 AMLCQJtTVzNZTl

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.58.47 AM


Woolrich shirt, River Island necklace, Majestic turtleneck, Steve Madden boots

Margot- The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)


Ah, Margot.  She comes to life partly due to Wes Anderson’s stunning use of cinematography, such as saturated colour, but also because of her amazing sense of style.  Never without her cigarette or heavy eyeliner, Margot graces the screen with witty and dry sayings, all while being deeply depressed.  She is a mystery, she is elusive and she is beyond cool.  The Royal Tenenbaums is an excellent movie about an eccentric and dysfunctional family; both in style (Wes Anderson’s forte) and content.

Think: Preppy pieces, muted colour, classic, heavy eyeliner


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.40.44 PM


Versace dress, Crystal Bird barrettes, Maybelline eyeliner, Cole Haan sandals

margot_hScreen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.18.10 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.50.21 PM


Hermés purse, Alice and Olivia coat, Dune loafers, Forzieri gloves


Enid- Ghost World (2001)


Ghost World is a quirky and honest film about life for two friends after high school.  Enid is a sarcastic and frustrated woman who can’t seem to navigate the real world around her.  She constantly feels out of place, and she gradually loses touch with her friend, who is maturing while Enid remains stagnant.  Enid has a style that is very unique to her, and it seems to be mainly thrift wear from different eras, yet she seems to make coherent and innovative outfits despite this.  The film truly captures the loneliness and somewhat empty feeling of being stuck, or being trapped in a small town with no real future to look forward to.  The audience watches as Enid vehemently resists to becomes the ordinary town people she despises, and her outlandish fashion is a direct testament to this resistance.

Think: Thrift-wear, eclectic prints, vintage

allshookdown-0146Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.55.25 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 2.10.18 PM


Witchery shirt, Vivienne Westwood tights, 3.1 by Philip Lim skirt, Dorothy Perkins headband



l Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.53.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 2.17.14 PM


Forever 21 sweater, Frye combat boots, Kamali Kutlure glasses, Highland Clans kilt


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