How many times have you been out with the family enjoying time together and you’ve taken photos to capture the moment only to find out later that they didn’t turn out at all. It can be very frustrating because you can’t relive the moment, and now you don’t have that photo to enjoy and look back on.

You aren’t alone in feeling this way, as most people will attest that there have been plenty of times their photos have turned out less than great. That doesn’t mean you have to accept it though, as there are tips you can use that will help you improve your photo-taking skills and start capturing those special family moments as you meant to.

Create the Perfect Opportunity for Photos

First things first, you need that perfect opportunity for your family photos. As we draw closer to the summer, chances are high that you’ll be outdoors with the kids a whole lot more, which means you can find plenty of activities to enjoy together. If you’re stuck on activity ideas, check out the Fun Attic blog on “20 Fun Summer Activities” to get you started. These kinds of activities are sure to provide laughs and smiles, which are the exact kinds of memories you want to capture.

Always Be Aware of Lighting

One of your biggest foes when it comes to taking photos is the lighting. If the lighting isn’t working with you, then the photo isn’t going to turn out. Typically, this is more of an issue when you are taking photos indoors as you don’t get the same amount of natural light. When taking pictures inside, try to have the blinds/curtains open and allow as much light in as possible, and use overhead lights if it’s still not bright enough. One tip when taking photos outside on a sunny day though is to make sure your subjects aren’t looking towards the sun causing them to squint.

Focus on Candid Shots

While there is nothing wrong with setting up a photo and being a director if you will, these types of pictures don’t always come off as natural, especially when there are kids involved. In the case of family photos, unless it is a professional photo shoot, candid shots are usually the best way to go. You’ll be capturing family members while they are at ease and natural looking, which is reflective of that moment.

Make Sure Your Camera is Up to Par

Of course, it’s difficult to take great looking photos if your camera isn’t exactly up to par. You need to start off with decent equipment in order to get decent results. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and purchase the most expensive camera out there, just something that is middle-of-the-road, reliable, has good reviews, and is user-friendly.

Each of these tips will help to transform the way you take family photos, and drastically improve the quality of those pictures so that you aren’t left disappointed.