It is not rare for a multinational corporation to ask some of its trusted workers to move overseas for a fixed period of time to work in a foreign office or branch.  For the most part, this can be a fantastic job opportunity, as the place of employment generally pays for both transfer and relocation expenses, the Spouse Visa Application and there is also usually a substantial wage raise for the employee. Other benefits may be thrown in to sweeten the deal, such as private school fees paid for or a tutor, nanny, or au pair to help with childcare and education.

It all sounds great, doesn’t it? But if this is you, have you taken a moment to think about how the other main person in your life – your husband or wife, or long-term partner – feels about this? After all, while you are the one who will be getting plenty of exciting opportunities, they may be the ones who have to say goodbye to their friends and family, hobbies and perhaps even sacrifice their own career in order to support you in yours.

Here, we look at some of the ways you can help make the relocation easier on your loved one.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Open up the lines of communication

If you don’t talk to your spouse and ask them questions about how they feel about the impending move, you may never know how they feel. Many people will keep their own feelings and thoughts under wraps in order to be supportive, but eventually, this can lead to feelings of resentment. 

Before you even apply for a job that involves relocating, and certainly as soon as the idea crops up, you need to sit down and have a heart to heart with your loved one. It may be that they are not on board, or are not on board with the idea yet. Either way, you need to know how they feel because if it turns out the move isn’t the right thing for your family, it can be very embarrassing and unprofessional to rescind your application or approval. 

Understand the legal and financial ramifications

While most of your initial costs and some ongoing costs may be paid for by your company, if you are used to two incomes, your partner may need to find a job as quickly as possible in your new place of living. Of course, they may also want to as well!

In many countries, there is financial assistance available to help you if you are on a low income, or if the family has had to move due to work relocation. This is worth checking out before you head off to your new life. It is also important that you have a full understanding of what your spouse can and cannot do as part of his or her visa regulations.

Be empathetic

It is a big move for anyone, but especially so for the supporting spouse or partner. Show them that you understand and are grateful for what they have sacrificed and given up to allow you to follow your dreams and support them in looking for new employment and in making new friends.