Text by Erika-Elyzabeth Korzer & Vanessa Daly
Photo by Jimmi Francoeur
From Flanelle Magazine Issue 8 – Published on April 2015

Apashe’s music is not Trap, nor dubstep; it is rather a mix of the best sounds each style has to offer. His dark, hybrid approach with orchestral sounds and vocals really secured his spot in the international electronic scene. You’ll fall into a trance quickly with John’s mysterious, dark side. With a hint of hip-hop and trap, he produces songs that definitely make your night come to life.

Apashe’s career arose from a drum set and a very musical father. “ I couldn’t always have access to my drums when I went to boarding school so I started creating drum sounds with my computer. Then, I eventually started to create whole songs, ” John, a.k.a Apashe, explains. He produces music that combines many influences such as electro, trap, dubstep, hip-hop, dance floor, and rap. After moving to Montreal for his studies in sound design, Vincent Sergeant (Lektrique) put him in contact with the Kannibalen team, an electronic record label based in the city, which debuted his career as a producer. His passion for constructing very dark, upbeat, dance floor music doesn’t just stop at this: John also continued his vocation by working for Ubisoft and collaborating in various projects such as the music for Assassins Creed, Black Flag, and Watch Dogs’ commercials.

His recent song, No Twerk, went viral slowly after a Russian dance TV show decided to choreograph a dance using the song for the season’s finale. Russia melted in his dark and aggressive sound, and so did we. We couldn’t help but love Panther’s rap that gives No Twerk a supplementary old school feel. Mysterious and obscure is what you get with the song that will make you come to life at dusk, sweeping you off your feet with its sharp, catchy, sounds that gives his track a stronger feel.

“ Trap or dubstep ? ” is the question you may be asking yourself when listening to Apashe’s music. “ I guess I just hate the term “ dubstep ” so just because of that I’d have to say trap. Then again, if I say this, people won’t understand because my music is not trap ! ” While experimenting with these two styles that he enjoys, Apashe really found his niche in the electro scene by building his own sonic identity. He uses lots of orchestral sounds such as horns, trumpets, violins, and percussion, editing them to give a gloomier electro/hiphop vibe.

“ Often, I get inspired while listening to classical music, and then, I ask myself : Oh ! What would happen if I put a really hard-hitting beat over this ? ” explains John. The fact that his inspiration doesn’t come from electronic music makes his style even more interesting since there are a variety of sounds that are not computerized, which makes his songs more accessible. Funk and rock/alternative music has inspired him since his childhood, and he transposes those styles in his tracks. Apashe likes to take risks and think out of the box. He doesn’t ask himself too many questions while making a track because it blocks his creative process. John often describes his music as “ weird ”. In this case, you can rapidly assume that “ weird ” is something closer to awe-inspiring and is part of what sets him apart from other producers.

Amen ! Apashe just released a new song, Confess, in collaboration with Lektrique, and we fell in love with the musical piece ! The single has a strong electro feel, which resembles Lektrique’s style, while maintaining the usual Apashe darkness and buoyant sound design. You can hear some dubstep influence that gives it the aggressive finish that many enjoy. We must confess that it is sinful not to take a quick peek at it. We are also looking forward to his worldwide tour. “ I’ll have a few shows in Canada, then Australia, Europe, and I am presently in negotiation for some shows in Asia, ” clarifies the artist. He has also just released a video clip filmed in Thailand. Even big names such as Iggy Azalea used his talent to create the official remix to her song Fancy. Even brands like Adidas incorporated one of his songs in their new commercial : #ThereWillBeHaters. Make sure to keep an eye on Apashe’s future undertakings : we certainly will !