Creative Director & Stylist: Rama Ghanem (@rama.gif)
Creative Director & Photographer: Adaora Oramah (@adaoramah)
Photo-shoot co-ordinator: Harleen Sian (@harleensian)
Casting Director: Asha Hai (@stylechitect)
Set Designer: Amber Atkinson (@amber.atkinson)
Make-Up Artist: Shamirah Sairally (@shamirah_makeup)
Hair-stylist: Selasie Ackuaku (@phedeliarose)
Videography & Post-production: Javier Vera-Abbassi (@veraabbassi)

Intended as a soft subversion of European realist portraiture, ‘In Bloom’ is a fashion editorial project inspired by the disruption of historically revered artworks. The project muses are London-based creative women of colour: a Czech-Brazilian dancer, Kim Stark (@kim8stark), Somali-British DJ, Hana Raage (@autrph), and Saudi photographer and creative, Nouf Alhimiary (@noufling). Using the visual queues of 19th century painters Frédéric Soulacroix, Auguste Toulmouche and Vittorio Reggianini, who often depicted bourgeois and luxurious settings of the European middle class, served as set and direction references for ‘In Bloom’. Featuring the SS19 Longshaw Ward collection, the project converges art and fashion photography.